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Tuesday, 30 March 2010



*screams in frustration*

I just wanna curl up in bed and SLEEP! But I can't, cause I've got chamber rehearsals at 2pm, then chamber class at 4pm, followed by dinner at 6pm, then (maybe) work on my final project for a bit, after which I have to head back to PGP to do my laundry.

Had a massive bout of headache last night. James reckons it's caffeine overdose. Never had such a bad headache before. Was tearing cause I couldn't fall asleep even after 2 panadols. O_O

Finally decided to take a third pill, then hid under the blanket, willing the pain to go away.

I dunno if it was the pills or the sweating which did it, but my headache subsided after that and I was finally able to fall asleep. Still feel a little weak though, and didn't have much of an appetite. *sigh*

Went for breakfast at "Spinelli's" with Guan Yu before attending Dr Koo's theory class. Got carried away finishing our homework and was late by about 10 minutes. Hehe. Her class is a lot quieter than mine, due to the absence of people like Ray and Jon Shin. Lol. My class is always in an uproar, we're all overly enthusiastic when it comes to chord analysis. =P

My goodness, I just made us all sound like a bunch of nerds. -_-"


Practice time...

Thanks for staying up with me. Really appreciate it.

Love you muchos! =)

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