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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not So Bad Afterall

Okay, here was my schedule for the day:

9-10am : Keyboard class
10-1pm : practice, finishing touches to MCM project
1pm : lunch
2- 3pm : Chamber rehearsal
3-4pm : CAM class
4-5pm : Chamber class
5pm : Dinner
6-9pm : orchestra rehearsal
9 - whatever time I decide to leave : practice MPYO parts/chillax

I think I'm doing more of the latter though. =P

Hey, I've had a very VERY tiring day. Been up since 7.30am. And it doesn't help that I didn't sleep much last night. *sobs*

At least I'm going back to KL tomorrow!!! Well, admittedly it's only for 2 days, and I'll be spending more time out of the house than in, but heck, it's still home. Though I think the vast amount of traveling is gonna burn my energy faster than I can restore them. O_O Oh well, I can still get my STARBUCKS, and good (non-YIH) food. *beams*

And boy am I under prepared for the weekend rehearsals. Tan Dun and Korngold are real pains in the ass. O_O Good music though... it's just the amount of notes with 3 lines connecting each of them that's scaring me a little. =P I reckon I'm gonna stay up tomorrow (after dinner with Liu Jian) till I nail those running passages. *sighs*

Off to practice the Dvorak.

Someone was in a good mood today. =)

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