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Monday, 22 February 2010

Not My Day~

Nearly regurgitated what I had for dinner (Japanese) when I went back to PGP to freshen up after orchestra rehearsal. O_O

SOMEONE has been smoking on my floor when I was already feeling queasy... The offensive odour did NOT help. -_-"

It's the sister's birthday tomorrow so in case I don't have the time to blog...


Greedy pig. =P

Yes, you get on my nerves often enough, but what the heck, you're my sis after all. Though I'm not there to make your day extra special, (cheh wa~ =P) hope you have a good one. I'll buy you something good to eat the next time I come back for an actual holiday, kay?

Your "present" is still non-existant, *I can almost see you growling right now* but I'm workin' on it, alright?

And no, it's ain't gonna be anime. After seeing that inhumane collection you have at home, no way in hell am I getting you anymore.


At least, not until after your PMR. =)

And I'm off to another rehearsal now...


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