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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Moments of Insanity

Yikers. Why is it that every time I'm locked inside my stuffy room that my mind starts making connections that don't friggin' make sense?


I think I've got an over-active brain. Well, if it were used for productive stuff, then I wouldn't mind. Heck no, I would LOVE it. But NOOOO, it (my brain) only decides to overwork when there's nothing to be worked up about.

How screwed up can a brain get??

Wokay, let's not go there...

I would still be in YST if I didn't have to come back and do my laundry. The original plan was to stay put in school till nightfall, THEN come back and do my laundry, but since James wants to have dinner back here and the machines are less likely to be used at this hour so...

here I am : blogging, watching random videos, and listening to my favourite sections of Symphonic Dances from West Side Story...

Generally, I'm doing every bleeding thing possible to keep my mind form straying away, which is (very often) a dangerous thing. Cause it messes with my emotions as well, then I end up either getting pissed/confused/disappointed etc with whatever incredulous issues my mind manages to conjure from thin air. O_O

And yours truly has NO idea how she's gonna fall asleep tonight, cause the room is so darn humid that I'm sweating even though all I have on are shorts and a tank top. -_-" Did I ever mention how much I detest the weather here?


Okay maybe I'm ranting cause my err... hormones are a bit on the rage at the mo - the friggin' "best friend" of the month decided to pay a visit this afternoon. *swears* What GREAT timing, no? I nearly fainted coming out of YST earlier, due to either one of 3 suspected reasons: a) low sugar level, or b) excessive blood loss, or c) the sudden temperature change.

Or maybe all 3. O_O

I, am going to check on my laundry before I type and post something I'll regret typing/posting. Feeling a little drowsy now. Blergh~

CNY pictures are all up on Facebook. =)

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