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Monday, 1 February 2010

Me No Likey

My stuffy room in PGP.


No worries. Not gonna do excessive pondering/thinking cause I made a promise to someone that I will not think about things that don't concern myself.


Had a crazy day in YST. It didn't help that I couldn't sleep much last night cause my effin' clustermates were being inconsiderate, screaming and shouting along the corridor. They were celebrating someone's birthday. O_o


Anyways, I'd just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to James and Ryan for a spectacular performance this afternoon! They both played well. =) 

Discussed about the PD project thing for awhile in the keyboard lab earlier with James and Erik. One person was missing, cause well, James and I weren't very keen on talking to him yet. We will tomorrow though, but it's only because we HAVE to. I'm not quite ready to forgive him for doing what he did.

Like I said on my Facebook status update:

Everyone makes mistakes, but one too many merits no pity/sympathy, and definitely not (multiple) "second" chances.

On a random note, talked to the mom earlier... and she asked me a really random question that I shall not disclose, but yeah... I will make things clear once I clear things up with her when I go back for Chinese New Year. =)

Gonna sleep soon... *yawns*

Toodles people.

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