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Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's Chinese New Year People!!!

In exactly 2 hours. =P

Was so tired and sleepy after dinner just now that I came back home and snoozed for an hour and a half. I'm due to read an e-mail that I can only read at 12am sharp (or someone would kill me) so I thought I might as well blog a little about yesterday's journey back home, and whatever happened between then and now.

It was a pretty good bus ride, and I managed to sleep a lot. It would've been a perfect journey if not for that stupid woman and her husband who insisted on tilting their chairs WAY back until they gave me and the dude sitting next to me no leg room at all. Like, who the hell does that??? I've never seen anyone quite so brainless. -_-"

Best part was, after we'd eaten, I wanted to fold the tray thingy back into the armrest, but couldn't, cause that idiotic-asian-bimbo's chair was in the way. I got pissed, but still managed to say, in the most polite way I could in the given situation, would she please fold her chair back up a little so I could keep the tray back into it's place?

She effin' "Tsk-ed" at me.


Best part is, immediately after I folded the tray back, SHE PUSHED HER CHAIR BACK DOWN AGAIN! I don't think I've ever been this irritated with another passenger in my travel experiences so far. Except perhaps wailing babies... -_-"


So anyways, when I reached home, my grandparents were already there. My grandmother made my favourite chicken soup, and brought me GUAVAS! Haha~ But before that, my dad asked my sis and I to walk out to one of the (many) restaurants and get a pack of "Yee Sang". *drools*
After that, we headed back home to dump the stuff, then walked out again to "Dhurbar" to meet up with my grandad and bro.

Had a bit of my bro's "Roti Canai" and "Teh Tarik". =D

Went back home to have my second dinner, which consisted of "Yee Sang", fried rice and chicken soup. I felt so darn bloated after that. Lol! Then it was just going online, checking my e-mails (which was when I received one that I couldn't read yet -_-"), and chatting a little with James before heading to sleep.

Woke up at around 8am today, cause the parents wanted to clear out the clothes which we don't wear anymore. Gave them all to charity. It was quite fun, cause we were looking through all our toddler clothes and my bro was like: I used to be THAT small?

Anyways, after that, we showered, changed and headed to Gardens, Mid Valley so I could get my new year clothes. After my mom got her fancy iphone, *rolls eyes*, we walked around randomly, going into Zara, MNG (they were having a massive sale), Robinsons etc. Ended up only getting 2 pairs of socks from Esprit cause I didn't really see anything I fancied. Cause well, there were sales going on, but I hate having to dig through piles of clothes and everything was so disorganized. Shopping drive went right out the window. O_o

Lunch was good though. We ate at "Eu Yan Sang", and even had ice cream (Gelatissimo) before heading back home to get the wine and out again to meet the grandparents for dinner. I took a couple of pics, so they should be up on Facebook soon. =)

Dinner was hilarious. I mean, nothing was funny about the food, but my dad decided to let my bro have his own glass of wine for once, and we were joking about how he'd be acting if he were to get drunk. If you know what my family's like, you can imagine the amount of laughter going on at our table. The people sitting around us were giving us disapproving looks. Lol!

Right. That's all for now. Will update again in a day or two. Or if I feel like updating after midnight. =)


Just so you know, I'm dying of curiosity. -_-"

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