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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happy Happy~

I'm home.

Got to see loads of people I haven't seen for some time.

Enjoyed rehearsals very much.

Didn't screw up as much as I thought I would. =P

Had a good lunch and dinner.

Talked and laughed with the family.

Spent a lot of time with *a-hem* someone. ;)

Just had some of grandma's signature chicken soup.


I feel tired, but contented.

Gonna practice a bit of Tan Dun's crazy pizz-es before heading to bed... *yawns* Was feeling a little sleepy already after our 3rd practice session.

Will update soon.

Of course we looked like a blessed couple.

Cause that's a fact. =)

Chinese New Year ends tomorrow... And I'll be heading back to Singapore... *sobs* Anyways, to anyone who's celebrating "Chap Goh Meh" (White Valentine's) tomorrow, Happy err... "White" Valentine's Day? Lol.

Off to practice.

Tra la la~

That reminds me, we should take a picture of us sometime, no?


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