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Thursday, 11 February 2010


A couple of things happened this week... Oh well, life will always have its ups and downs ay? I just have to be a little more aware and careful in future.

Anyways, the parents now know about err... yeah, that. I planned to tell them when I go back for Chinese New Year, but the mom called last night, and I told her I'll tell her when I come back and she was all like: no, you tell me now.


So yeah, no worries. I'm feeling very relieved now, actually. Don't have to worry about them "disapproving" or anything anymore cause well, they know the dude, and there's nothing (not yet, anyways =P) for them to disapprove of. Lol.

PD class was a disaster yesterday though. We ended up almost yelling at one another. -_-" Well, not my problem, cause I was sick and tired of hearing all crap and no help. And the person (I won't say who) who only gives negative feedback about OUR suggestions but comes up with EVEN WORSE ideas should just go stuff a sock down his/her throat. Frankly speaking, I'd rather deal with one with NO opinion than one with STUPID opinions.


It was so bad that I only had fruits for dinner last night. Then an iced milo when I accompanied Guan Yu for her dinner at Subway. We were both complaining about the stuffs happening around us. At times like these, it really rocks to have someone to rant to, and to be ranted at. Haha! She got SO pissed at the lady in Subway that she started typing a complaint letter almost immediately after we got back to YST. Oh, and swearing at the top of her lungs as well.

In Thai. =P

Developed a headache and mild fever this morning, which resulted in me having to go for a later keyboard class. Man, the atmosphere was so different compared to my 9 o'clock class. This class was...


My fellow "keyboard mates" and I wreak havoc every Thursday morning. You'd think that we'd be the least energetic of the classes since very few of us are morning people, but yeah... We drive Dr Koo insane sometimes, I think. Even when we have tests and all, it's still so casual, we would fool around with the Clavinovas and have random jamming sessions. Haha~

On a random note~

I'm going home tomorrow!!! Yes, I'll miss the peeps here, but it's not like I'm not coming back, right? Gonna try bring something back from M'sia though... Something Chinese New Year-ey?

Not Ang Pow though. *glares*

Typing this in the library (I needed to print my homework), and it's now time for lunch!

Someone looks breathtakingly dashing today. *winks*

Good luck for later, I'll be watching!! *hugs*

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