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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Friggin' Annoyed

Sometimes, when something's bothering you, just freaking speak up. You show on your face that you're annoyed/pissed but yet you don't tell the other person what is it they did/said that's bugging you. -_-"

The same thing I said about relationships applies to friendship as well. Your friends and colleagues are not mind readers, they're not psychics. So do us a favor and do either one of 2 things: a) tell us what's eating you, or b) DON'T tell us, but at least TRY to hide the fact that you're annoyed/offended.

Don't go about hinting that you're annoyed but remain silent. It seriously can drive a person up the Great Wall of China.

Personally, I prefer the former. Who the hell likes knowing that a friend is annoyed at something he/she said/did but the friend is being mute about it and giving him/her the cold shoulder? That's only gonna make the friendship go sour, GUARANTEED.

So unless you want to lose a friend INTENTIONALLY, I suggest you start by being honest with your feelings. If your friend is really a friend, he/she wouldn't WANT you to spare his/hers.

On another note, I haven't had a good week. Projects and homework piling up, and I've given up on 2 of them already. Yesterday didn't turn out too bad, but it would've been perfect if Mr-You-Think-I'm-Easy? came in as late as he usually does and if James hadn't fallen ill and made me worried sick. O_O

Met up with Jun Yi and brought him around YST. Had dinner at Munchie Monkeys - which was a mistake, cause too much cheese doesn't agree with me and I ended up having a stomach ache. Walked back to YST, but rushed off soon after that when James SMS-ed to tell me he was close to fainting.


It seems like a pretty good day so far, though I might change my mind after (another) useless, pointless class and orchestra rehearsal later this evening.

Off to lunch now. =)

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