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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


My bleeding ugly schedule for today:

9am-10am: Dr Hess
10am-11am: Dr Koo
-Lunch Break-

1pm-3pm: project planning/private practice
3pm-5pm: Chamber rehearsal


6pm-7pm: Chamber Class


7.30pm-9pm: Chamber Concert
9pm-11pm: PD group meeting

My day started at 7am (maybe even earlier. I was up before the sun was. -_-") and will end later (I assume) than 12. I wish I had like, supernatural powers or something. Create a double of myself and she can attend half my classes.

The ones I always wish I could skip, of course. Predominantly classes like - Sleeping Therapy for Insomniacs on Monday, Dr My-Voice-is-So-Low-and-Sexy on Tuesday, Sir I'm-Not-Sure-How-the-F*ck-to-do-My-Job on Wednesdays, and Mr Nothing-Ever-Makes-Sense on Fridays.


I finished Dr Koo's homework with Wynne and Guan Yu earlier at the YST foyer whilst we "kept James company" as he ate his lunch. We girls finished class earlier so we had our lunch first. He was supposed to join us after his class, but the canteen got a little too crowded so we decided to give our table up...

Showie James! =(


I'm so dreadfully drained. Not even done with 3/4 of the day yet. O_O Ima crash once I get my ass back to PGP. And (hopefully) I'll be too tired to notice how stuffy my room is, or (YunHo forbid =P) if my cluster-mates decide to be jackasses again.

Gonna go for Chamber Class now.

Honestly, you really shouldn't be getting angry with him, cause it's not worth it. You know where we stand. I'm not gonna change my mind just because someone pays me a little more attention than usual. Heck, I don't even LIKE the guy!

Chillax~ =D

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