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Sunday, 21 February 2010

At Times Like These...

You wish you had something/someone to pummel the hell out of, but there's nothing within reach that you can destroy without getting into heaps of trouble...

My schedule for today's so eff-ed up that I don't even know how to fit lunch and dinner in. Timing's so darn off that I actually considered not eating till AFTER I'm done with everything, which would be past 8pm or so. O_O And I'm feeling cranky cause I had nothing to eat for breakfast apart from 4 small (Godiva) chocolate pearls.

Was practicing up till 5 minutes ago, when my stomach decided to start churning... Grr.

I'm just blogging cause I've got no where else to vent my feelings. *sighs*

And I'm off for more practice.

Insecurity and uncertainty are my worst enemies.

La la la~

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