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Sunday, 14 February 2010

4 Long Days~


Oh well...

Wasn't very eventful today. It never is on the 1st day of CNY for our family. Cause we stay put at home and chill while waiting for relatives to visit us! =)

The day started pretty early though. Woke up slightly before 9am, did the usual "best wishes" for the mom, dad and aunt, got the first of our "Ang Pows", and had brunch!

After that, it was pretty much just playing scrabble and "Chor Dai Di", plus eating snacks and the Chocolates that James bought. They were really good, but very rich, so I only managed to finish like... one cube. O_O Gave a little to the sis, mom and aunt as well whilst they were all playing scrabble.

I'll down another cube later tonight. =)

A few pics of the chocs...

Still in the box.
They were purchased in Takashimaya. =)

Looks so pretty eh?


ANYWAYS, had dinner with the paternal extended family in some restaurant near my house. The meal was good~ Had fish, BUTTER prawns, 2 dishes of vegetables, and chicken. I took a couple of pictures, so I'll post them up right before I leave for Singapore. Right now the album would look pretty sad cause there are only... what, 30 photos so far?


I'm looking forward to the grandmother's annual luncheon tomorrow!!! Drool-worthy-home-cooked food, here I come! =D

And hopefully I remember to take pictures.

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