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Monday, 15 February 2010

3 More Days...

It sucks...

When your parents compare you with other people.

It sucks twice as much when they compare you to your boyfriend.

Like, what the hell??


The day went well though... Maybe after winning so much at Chor Dai Di, my luck ran out.

The luncheon was as good as ever. Updates tomorrow. I need to practice tonight. Movie was good too.

Right. Off to continue practice.

Why does everything always seem too good to be true?


Tarrant said...

Because it usually is.

And that is so much LOL your parents comparing you to him - I mean how can la one has an extra appendage the other doesnt

Clarissa said...

HAHA! OMG Tarrant... *frowns*

But that's a very err... "unique" way of putting it, I give you that much. =P