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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

2 More Days Babeh!

Though I wish I could stay a teensy bit longer...

It's been great, being back home.

A few pics from yesterday's (yummy) luncheon.

My siblings and I with the grandparents

The yummy spread!

Sis and I, with the best chef in the world!

Wasn't THAT eventful today, just went for (another) huge lunch with a few of my dad's cousins and their families, then off to visit me dad's new branch in Belakong. Had Auntie Anne's pretzels (YUMM~) whilst waiting for the mum to buy some stuff. AND we had STARBUCKS right before leaving the place! *drools*

Oh shit. That means I won't be able to sleep tonight. O_O


We're having dinner at home, finally. Haha! We've been eating out ever since I came back. About time we ate something home-cooked. And I fink the grandma's bringing over her famous fried rice for our lunch tomorrow!

The ONLY bad thing that's happened so far is that I've put on weight. It's depressing, I tell you. But I'm not abstaining from the delicious food. No way. Cause I'll lose it all once I get back to Singapore. As long as I stay as far away as humanely possible from Subway, I should be able (hopefully) to get back "in shape".

Right. I'm gonna rest awhile before having dinner, then practice again.

I'll update again tomorrow. =)

Looking forward to my return?

I know I am...

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