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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happy Happy~

I'm home.

Got to see loads of people I haven't seen for some time.

Enjoyed rehearsals very much.

Didn't screw up as much as I thought I would. =P

Had a good lunch and dinner.

Talked and laughed with the family.

Spent a lot of time with *a-hem* someone. ;)

Just had some of grandma's signature chicken soup.


I feel tired, but contented.

Gonna practice a bit of Tan Dun's crazy pizz-es before heading to bed... *yawns* Was feeling a little sleepy already after our 3rd practice session.

Will update soon.

Of course we looked like a blessed couple.

Cause that's a fact. =)

Chinese New Year ends tomorrow... And I'll be heading back to Singapore... *sobs* Anyways, to anyone who's celebrating "Chap Goh Meh" (White Valentine's) tomorrow, Happy err... "White" Valentine's Day? Lol.

Off to practice.

Tra la la~

That reminds me, we should take a picture of us sometime, no?


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not So Bad Afterall

Okay, here was my schedule for the day:

9-10am : Keyboard class
10-1pm : practice, finishing touches to MCM project
1pm : lunch
2- 3pm : Chamber rehearsal
3-4pm : CAM class
4-5pm : Chamber class
5pm : Dinner
6-9pm : orchestra rehearsal
9 - whatever time I decide to leave : practice MPYO parts/chillax

I think I'm doing more of the latter though. =P

Hey, I've had a very VERY tiring day. Been up since 7.30am. And it doesn't help that I didn't sleep much last night. *sobs*

At least I'm going back to KL tomorrow!!! Well, admittedly it's only for 2 days, and I'll be spending more time out of the house than in, but heck, it's still home. Though I think the vast amount of traveling is gonna burn my energy faster than I can restore them. O_O Oh well, I can still get my STARBUCKS, and good (non-YIH) food. *beams*

And boy am I under prepared for the weekend rehearsals. Tan Dun and Korngold are real pains in the ass. O_O Good music though... it's just the amount of notes with 3 lines connecting each of them that's scaring me a little. =P I reckon I'm gonna stay up tomorrow (after dinner with Liu Jian) till I nail those running passages. *sighs*

Off to practice the Dvorak.

Someone was in a good mood today. =)

Friggin' Annoyed

Sometimes, when something's bothering you, just freaking speak up. You show on your face that you're annoyed/pissed but yet you don't tell the other person what is it they did/said that's bugging you. -_-"

The same thing I said about relationships applies to friendship as well. Your friends and colleagues are not mind readers, they're not psychics. So do us a favor and do either one of 2 things: a) tell us what's eating you, or b) DON'T tell us, but at least TRY to hide the fact that you're annoyed/offended.

Don't go about hinting that you're annoyed but remain silent. It seriously can drive a person up the Great Wall of China.

Personally, I prefer the former. Who the hell likes knowing that a friend is annoyed at something he/she said/did but the friend is being mute about it and giving him/her the cold shoulder? That's only gonna make the friendship go sour, GUARANTEED.

So unless you want to lose a friend INTENTIONALLY, I suggest you start by being honest with your feelings. If your friend is really a friend, he/she wouldn't WANT you to spare his/hers.

On another note, I haven't had a good week. Projects and homework piling up, and I've given up on 2 of them already. Yesterday didn't turn out too bad, but it would've been perfect if Mr-You-Think-I'm-Easy? came in as late as he usually does and if James hadn't fallen ill and made me worried sick. O_O

Met up with Jun Yi and brought him around YST. Had dinner at Munchie Monkeys - which was a mistake, cause too much cheese doesn't agree with me and I ended up having a stomach ache. Walked back to YST, but rushed off soon after that when James SMS-ed to tell me he was close to fainting.


It seems like a pretty good day so far, though I might change my mind after (another) useless, pointless class and orchestra rehearsal later this evening.

Off to lunch now. =)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Ever felt like you wish you could do something/help someone, but just didn't know what to do, or what to say to make things/someone feel better?

That's called feeling helpless, or useless.

NOT the best feeling in the world... But I guess it's better than being kept in the dark.

I want to just bury myself 6 feet under so that I don't have to face that pile of crap called homework. *glares* But, running away never solves anything...


Off to another pointless, time and energy-sapping meeting.

I'm VERY close to exploding, woman. Do NOT make me slap you, cause you're already treading on my very last nerves.

I know it's easier said than done, but be optimistic. No problem in the world is impossible to solve. =) Cheer up.


Monday, 22 February 2010

Not My Day~

Nearly regurgitated what I had for dinner (Japanese) when I went back to PGP to freshen up after orchestra rehearsal. O_O

SOMEONE has been smoking on my floor when I was already feeling queasy... The offensive odour did NOT help. -_-"

It's the sister's birthday tomorrow so in case I don't have the time to blog...


Greedy pig. =P

Yes, you get on my nerves often enough, but what the heck, you're my sis after all. Though I'm not there to make your day extra special, (cheh wa~ =P) hope you have a good one. I'll buy you something good to eat the next time I come back for an actual holiday, kay?

Your "present" is still non-existant, *I can almost see you growling right now* but I'm workin' on it, alright?

And no, it's ain't gonna be anime. After seeing that inhumane collection you have at home, no way in hell am I getting you anymore.


At least, not until after your PMR. =)

And I'm off to another rehearsal now...


Sunday, 21 February 2010

At Times Like These...

You wish you had something/someone to pummel the hell out of, but there's nothing within reach that you can destroy without getting into heaps of trouble...

My schedule for today's so eff-ed up that I don't even know how to fit lunch and dinner in. Timing's so darn off that I actually considered not eating till AFTER I'm done with everything, which would be past 8pm or so. O_O And I'm feeling cranky cause I had nothing to eat for breakfast apart from 4 small (Godiva) chocolate pearls.

Was practicing up till 5 minutes ago, when my stomach decided to start churning... Grr.

I'm just blogging cause I've got no where else to vent my feelings. *sighs*

And I'm off for more practice.

Insecurity and uncertainty are my worst enemies.

La la la~

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Moments of Insanity

Yikers. Why is it that every time I'm locked inside my stuffy room that my mind starts making connections that don't friggin' make sense?


I think I've got an over-active brain. Well, if it were used for productive stuff, then I wouldn't mind. Heck no, I would LOVE it. But NOOOO, it (my brain) only decides to overwork when there's nothing to be worked up about.

How screwed up can a brain get??

Wokay, let's not go there...

I would still be in YST if I didn't have to come back and do my laundry. The original plan was to stay put in school till nightfall, THEN come back and do my laundry, but since James wants to have dinner back here and the machines are less likely to be used at this hour so...

here I am : blogging, watching random videos, and listening to my favourite sections of Symphonic Dances from West Side Story...

Generally, I'm doing every bleeding thing possible to keep my mind form straying away, which is (very often) a dangerous thing. Cause it messes with my emotions as well, then I end up either getting pissed/confused/disappointed etc with whatever incredulous issues my mind manages to conjure from thin air. O_O

And yours truly has NO idea how she's gonna fall asleep tonight, cause the room is so darn humid that I'm sweating even though all I have on are shorts and a tank top. -_-" Did I ever mention how much I detest the weather here?


Okay maybe I'm ranting cause my err... hormones are a bit on the rage at the mo - the friggin' "best friend" of the month decided to pay a visit this afternoon. *swears* What GREAT timing, no? I nearly fainted coming out of YST earlier, due to either one of 3 suspected reasons: a) low sugar level, or b) excessive blood loss, or c) the sudden temperature change.

Or maybe all 3. O_O

I, am going to check on my laundry before I type and post something I'll regret typing/posting. Feeling a little drowsy now. Blergh~

CNY pictures are all up on Facebook. =)

Thursday, 18 February 2010


It's mere minutes till I have to leave the house to catch the bus at Corus Hotel. I feel sad that my holiday has come to an end, but at least I'm coming back here again next week when MPYO has weekend rehearsals.

Anyways, seeing that I most probably wouldn't be able to blog for the rest of the day, I just wanted to say...

Happy 2 months darlin'...

Thanks for always being there for me.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Less Than 24 Hours. =)

Okay I'm treading into dangerous waters here, talking about something that's closely knitted to religion, but I'm going to do it anyways. Cause it's gonna bug the hell out of me if I don't get it off my chest. O_O

I'll be blogging about my perspective of "faith", and I don't care if you disagree with me, cause it's just what I think.

"Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof"
- Kahill Gibran-

For some people, (as they get older) it becomes difficult to just believe. Not because they don't want to, but too much has happened that they just can't. I used to be (am still a little bit of) a sceptic, but as the saying goes: a little bit of faith never hurt anyone.

Many people think faith is acting like something is so when it really isn't so, and if we do so long enough, then it will become so.

I beg to differ.

As someone pointed out to me - just because you don't see something, it doesn't mean it's not there. You can't see electric signals, but you know they exist. When a call is made through your mobile phone, it's not magic when you hear the voice of the other person answer, whether he/she is right next to you, or thousands of miles away. So just because you can't SEE faith, it doesn't mean it's fake, or something not worth believing in.

There has always been a huge argument with regards to faith and hope. To me, they're almost the same thing, just that the former is usually associated with "the one UP there" more than the latter.

Well, after all, faith gives us hope, no?

OMG I know I'm not making sense now.

I realize I'm digging my own grave here, thinking about this when I know that I won't be able to find the answers I'm looking for even if I spend the rest of my life pondering the issue...

But I've just completed 3 sessions of practice, so I'm entitled to let my mind wander for awhile.


It's now close to 11pm. And I really ought to be sleeping now cause I have to wake up at 8amand leave by 9 if I don't wanna risk missing the bus but... I can sleep in the bus anyways. O_O I'm SO gonna miss the food... But at least I had a very nice dinner (courtesy of the grandma) before going back to Singapore and having to live on whatever they have in YIH. -_-"

I'd better start planning on what to do with the rest of my minuet. Which I have to finish by tomorrow night! *groans*

My 6-day holiday barely felt like 2.


Bye people~

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Read the lyrics. They mean a lot.

Everything WILL be fine.

Flowers sway in the wind as if dancing
So that the rain moistens the earth
Even though this world is alive, coming closer together
Why do people hurt each other?
Why do partings come about?

Even if you go far away
You're still always right in the middle of my heart
While they remain completely buried by that kind smile
Even if I feel pain
In fragments of you that I held, because we're still connected
I believe that we can meet again
I'm waiting for your love

I love you, I trust you
I want you to share your loneliness with me
I love you, I trust you
Even in light, even in darkness
Because we're together, we're able to believe in each other
Please don't leave anymore

Who saw the end of the world?
Who announces the end of the journey?
Even though it's a long night and the answer can't be seen now,
I want you to move on on the road you believe in
Because from this point forth, the light is waiting for you

Even now, the song you taught me
Still remains within my heart
And echos along with that friendly voice
The overflowing tears of my feeling
Run over my warm cheek
Become strong, ne
If we connect with each other
I'm always by your side

I love you, I trust you
The tears I shed are for your sake
I love you, I trust you
You taught me love
I love you, I trust you
No matter if you walk on the wrong path,
I'll be beside you!

Waiting for your love
Always by your side
Youre the one that I love
Youre the one that I trust
Youre the only one

I love you, I trust you
I want you to share your loneliness with me
I love you, I trust you
Even in light, even in darkness
I love you, I trust you
Even in sadness, even in happiness
I love you, I trust you
I want to protect you completely

No matter if you're walking on the wrong path
I'll be beside you!
Because we're together, we're able to believe in each other
Please don't leave anymore

2 More Days Babeh!

Though I wish I could stay a teensy bit longer...

It's been great, being back home.

A few pics from yesterday's (yummy) luncheon.

My siblings and I with the grandparents

The yummy spread!

Sis and I, with the best chef in the world!

Wasn't THAT eventful today, just went for (another) huge lunch with a few of my dad's cousins and their families, then off to visit me dad's new branch in Belakong. Had Auntie Anne's pretzels (YUMM~) whilst waiting for the mum to buy some stuff. AND we had STARBUCKS right before leaving the place! *drools*

Oh shit. That means I won't be able to sleep tonight. O_O


We're having dinner at home, finally. Haha! We've been eating out ever since I came back. About time we ate something home-cooked. And I fink the grandma's bringing over her famous fried rice for our lunch tomorrow!

The ONLY bad thing that's happened so far is that I've put on weight. It's depressing, I tell you. But I'm not abstaining from the delicious food. No way. Cause I'll lose it all once I get back to Singapore. As long as I stay as far away as humanely possible from Subway, I should be able (hopefully) to get back "in shape".

Right. I'm gonna rest awhile before having dinner, then practice again.

I'll update again tomorrow. =)

Looking forward to my return?

I know I am...

Monday, 15 February 2010

3 More Days...

It sucks...

When your parents compare you with other people.

It sucks twice as much when they compare you to your boyfriend.

Like, what the hell??


The day went well though... Maybe after winning so much at Chor Dai Di, my luck ran out.

The luncheon was as good as ever. Updates tomorrow. I need to practice tonight. Movie was good too.

Right. Off to continue practice.

Why does everything always seem too good to be true?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

4 Long Days~


Oh well...

Wasn't very eventful today. It never is on the 1st day of CNY for our family. Cause we stay put at home and chill while waiting for relatives to visit us! =)

The day started pretty early though. Woke up slightly before 9am, did the usual "best wishes" for the mom, dad and aunt, got the first of our "Ang Pows", and had brunch!

After that, it was pretty much just playing scrabble and "Chor Dai Di", plus eating snacks and the Chocolates that James bought. They were really good, but very rich, so I only managed to finish like... one cube. O_O Gave a little to the sis, mom and aunt as well whilst they were all playing scrabble.

I'll down another cube later tonight. =)

A few pics of the chocs...

Still in the box.
They were purchased in Takashimaya. =)

Looks so pretty eh?


ANYWAYS, had dinner with the paternal extended family in some restaurant near my house. The meal was good~ Had fish, BUTTER prawns, 2 dishes of vegetables, and chicken. I took a couple of pictures, so I'll post them up right before I leave for Singapore. Right now the album would look pretty sad cause there are only... what, 30 photos so far?


I'm looking forward to the grandmother's annual luncheon tomorrow!!! Drool-worthy-home-cooked food, here I come! =D

And hopefully I remember to take pictures.

5 Days~

It's the countdown again. =)

Happy Chinese New Year folks! 

May ya'll have a ROAR-ing year ahead! =D

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day as well! Gonna get started on them chocolates later today. *winks*

I'll be back before you know it.

Hope you liked the e-mail. =P

Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's Chinese New Year People!!!

In exactly 2 hours. =P

Was so tired and sleepy after dinner just now that I came back home and snoozed for an hour and a half. I'm due to read an e-mail that I can only read at 12am sharp (or someone would kill me) so I thought I might as well blog a little about yesterday's journey back home, and whatever happened between then and now.

It was a pretty good bus ride, and I managed to sleep a lot. It would've been a perfect journey if not for that stupid woman and her husband who insisted on tilting their chairs WAY back until they gave me and the dude sitting next to me no leg room at all. Like, who the hell does that??? I've never seen anyone quite so brainless. -_-"

Best part was, after we'd eaten, I wanted to fold the tray thingy back into the armrest, but couldn't, cause that idiotic-asian-bimbo's chair was in the way. I got pissed, but still managed to say, in the most polite way I could in the given situation, would she please fold her chair back up a little so I could keep the tray back into it's place?

She effin' "Tsk-ed" at me.


Best part is, immediately after I folded the tray back, SHE PUSHED HER CHAIR BACK DOWN AGAIN! I don't think I've ever been this irritated with another passenger in my travel experiences so far. Except perhaps wailing babies... -_-"


So anyways, when I reached home, my grandparents were already there. My grandmother made my favourite chicken soup, and brought me GUAVAS! Haha~ But before that, my dad asked my sis and I to walk out to one of the (many) restaurants and get a pack of "Yee Sang". *drools*
After that, we headed back home to dump the stuff, then walked out again to "Dhurbar" to meet up with my grandad and bro.

Had a bit of my bro's "Roti Canai" and "Teh Tarik". =D

Went back home to have my second dinner, which consisted of "Yee Sang", fried rice and chicken soup. I felt so darn bloated after that. Lol! Then it was just going online, checking my e-mails (which was when I received one that I couldn't read yet -_-"), and chatting a little with James before heading to sleep.

Woke up at around 8am today, cause the parents wanted to clear out the clothes which we don't wear anymore. Gave them all to charity. It was quite fun, cause we were looking through all our toddler clothes and my bro was like: I used to be THAT small?

Anyways, after that, we showered, changed and headed to Gardens, Mid Valley so I could get my new year clothes. After my mom got her fancy iphone, *rolls eyes*, we walked around randomly, going into Zara, MNG (they were having a massive sale), Robinsons etc. Ended up only getting 2 pairs of socks from Esprit cause I didn't really see anything I fancied. Cause well, there were sales going on, but I hate having to dig through piles of clothes and everything was so disorganized. Shopping drive went right out the window. O_o

Lunch was good though. We ate at "Eu Yan Sang", and even had ice cream (Gelatissimo) before heading back home to get the wine and out again to meet the grandparents for dinner. I took a couple of pics, so they should be up on Facebook soon. =)

Dinner was hilarious. I mean, nothing was funny about the food, but my dad decided to let my bro have his own glass of wine for once, and we were joking about how he'd be acting if he were to get drunk. If you know what my family's like, you can imagine the amount of laughter going on at our table. The people sitting around us were giving us disapproving looks. Lol!

Right. That's all for now. Will update again in a day or two. Or if I feel like updating after midnight. =)


Just so you know, I'm dying of curiosity. -_-"

Home Sweet Home

Arrived at around 8pm.

Started eating like siao the minute I reached home.

Felt so full after that. O_O

Malaysian food rocks.

I'm tired out from the journey, will update about it tomorrow.

Brain on minimal function mode.

Most likely cause I'm happy and full.

Had my first round of "Yee Sang" with the family.

Being home feels great.

Gonna sleep now~

The sis loves the present, the parents are cool with it, I'm going New Year shopping tomorrow...

Life's good~

Miss having you around. And thanks for sending me off earlier. =) *hugs*

Thursday, 11 February 2010


A couple of things happened this week... Oh well, life will always have its ups and downs ay? I just have to be a little more aware and careful in future.

Anyways, the parents now know about err... yeah, that. I planned to tell them when I go back for Chinese New Year, but the mom called last night, and I told her I'll tell her when I come back and she was all like: no, you tell me now.


So yeah, no worries. I'm feeling very relieved now, actually. Don't have to worry about them "disapproving" or anything anymore cause well, they know the dude, and there's nothing (not yet, anyways =P) for them to disapprove of. Lol.

PD class was a disaster yesterday though. We ended up almost yelling at one another. -_-" Well, not my problem, cause I was sick and tired of hearing all crap and no help. And the person (I won't say who) who only gives negative feedback about OUR suggestions but comes up with EVEN WORSE ideas should just go stuff a sock down his/her throat. Frankly speaking, I'd rather deal with one with NO opinion than one with STUPID opinions.


It was so bad that I only had fruits for dinner last night. Then an iced milo when I accompanied Guan Yu for her dinner at Subway. We were both complaining about the stuffs happening around us. At times like these, it really rocks to have someone to rant to, and to be ranted at. Haha! She got SO pissed at the lady in Subway that she started typing a complaint letter almost immediately after we got back to YST. Oh, and swearing at the top of her lungs as well.

In Thai. =P

Developed a headache and mild fever this morning, which resulted in me having to go for a later keyboard class. Man, the atmosphere was so different compared to my 9 o'clock class. This class was...


My fellow "keyboard mates" and I wreak havoc every Thursday morning. You'd think that we'd be the least energetic of the classes since very few of us are morning people, but yeah... We drive Dr Koo insane sometimes, I think. Even when we have tests and all, it's still so casual, we would fool around with the Clavinovas and have random jamming sessions. Haha~

On a random note~

I'm going home tomorrow!!! Yes, I'll miss the peeps here, but it's not like I'm not coming back, right? Gonna try bring something back from M'sia though... Something Chinese New Year-ey?

Not Ang Pow though. *glares*

Typing this in the library (I needed to print my homework), and it's now time for lunch!

Someone looks breathtakingly dashing today. *winks*

Good luck for later, I'll be watching!! *hugs*

Monday, 8 February 2010

A Good Week

That ended badly. O_O

Lost my phone... -_-" I'm not gonna go into details about how it happened, cause I'm still feeling really sore about it (I had it for less than a year), all ya'll need to know that it was stupidity on my part.

So yeah, I'm currently using Guan Yu's old phone and spare number, but I'm gonna get my own new number later when I'm back in PGP.


Apart from that, it's been a pretty swell week. Went for Kavakos' concert on Friday night. His performance had us all breathless. I can't even find the words to describe how good the guy is. Honestly, I felt like just dumping my violin into the bin. Like, why the hell am I still trying?? LOL! Performed in the Concerto Competition Concert on Saturday night. Went for supper at the Taiwanese place near PGP (near Fragrance Hotel) with Elson (He came for the concert), Ray and James after that.

It's a Monday again. Back to the crazy weekday schedule till...



Okay, I'm actually typing this in the library and it's about to close so... I'll update some other time.

Thanks so much for being there...


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Feeling A Little Sick

of myself...

Was having dinner with James in Clementi earlier. No, we weren't out on a date *frowns* we had to bank in a cheque or we wouldn't be getting our stipend from NUS. -_-"

Dinner was a nice change from the usual NUS canteen food we get though. And the price is around the same anyways. We even had banana fritters (Goreng Pisang) for dessert after our meal. =)

So anyways, there was a lady and her mom (in-law??) sitting diagonally across us in the hawker centre. The daughter was cutting up the food into smaller pieces so the old lady wouldn't have such a tough time biting into them. That reminded me a lot of what my maid/dad/aunt used to do when my late paternal grandmother got weaker and had difficulty chewing tougher food substances.

The sight of that old lady trying so hard to chew her food whilst her daughter seemed to be so impatient with her nearly drove me to tears. I had to determinedly look away (at my food) cause I could feel moisture gathering in my eyes already.

I wish I had treated my grandmother better.

Of course, I had my reasons for disliking her, which I shall not disclose, but yeah... Whatever she used to do to me as a kid scarred me, and I never learnt to love her as I should have. When she passed, I only cried once, but that was because I saw my dad shedding painful tears. I didn't cry during her funeral, or at any other memorial occasion after that.

It's been almost a year since she passed. Within this year, I never gave her much thought. Yeah sure, my family and I still mention her once in awhile... Especially recalling how vicious her verbal fights were with my grandfather, how she would call us for dinner at 3pm, and how she used to dote on my brother... but I never actually reflected on her as a person, as my grandmother.

I used to think that she must hate me (because more often than not, being around her always resulted in me getting beaten), but that's because I only kept the bitter memories. What I find now is that, we just got off the wrong foot (cause I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother, and she didn't like that much) and coupled with some unlucky events as well. I got into an accident when I was 7, where a motorcycle ran over my back as she and I were crossing the road. I got pretty bad scars on my back, and still remember screaming in pain whenever my mom had to bathe the wounds. I blamed the accident on her then, but she really couldn't have done it on purpose.

Ah, regrets. They really are painful when they hit you. I wish I could take back some of the things I said about her. She single-handedly brought up my dad and aunt when my grandfather was being irresponsible (he turned a new leaf after that), and did odd jobs to support the family. If it weren't for her, my dad would not be the person he is today.

Though I can never bring myself to say the words I-love-you to her, I DO respect her. And I dearly wish I could have been more of an assistance when she was bedridden and needed company. Seeing the way that daughter was treating her mother, I felt like I was seeing myself, the way I used to be so impatient with her, snapping at her when she started yelling for someone to sit her up/take her to the loo, complaining when my dad asked me to feed her...

Ma-ma, this may all be too late but...

I'm sorry.

Gah, I can't believe I'm feeling so miserable now...


I need a hug.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Finds It Hard...

To believe that some people think they can do the He-Loves-Me-He-Loves-Me-Not thing, and hope everything pans out well.

You a saint or something?

I really have no idea how you can be so nice man, honestly, I should start taking classes from you or something.


I don't wanna be mean, but if the guy can do it to you once, he can do it again. Just to give you a heads up, poisonous toadstools don't change their spots. =)

Look, I'm not gonna advice you against being with him or anything (cause I know it's pointless since you love him so much), but just to let you know...

If he DOES have the balls to hurt you ever again, Guan Yu will stuff an umbrella up his ass, Wynne will stuff something big and blunt in after that, and I'll provide the perfect encore by stuffing his viola down his throat. I'm not making all that up. They really said that.

All the best girl. =)


Tuesday, 2 February 2010


My bleeding ugly schedule for today:

9am-10am: Dr Hess
10am-11am: Dr Koo
-Lunch Break-

1pm-3pm: project planning/private practice
3pm-5pm: Chamber rehearsal


6pm-7pm: Chamber Class


7.30pm-9pm: Chamber Concert
9pm-11pm: PD group meeting

My day started at 7am (maybe even earlier. I was up before the sun was. -_-") and will end later (I assume) than 12. I wish I had like, supernatural powers or something. Create a double of myself and she can attend half my classes.

The ones I always wish I could skip, of course. Predominantly classes like - Sleeping Therapy for Insomniacs on Monday, Dr My-Voice-is-So-Low-and-Sexy on Tuesday, Sir I'm-Not-Sure-How-the-F*ck-to-do-My-Job on Wednesdays, and Mr Nothing-Ever-Makes-Sense on Fridays.


I finished Dr Koo's homework with Wynne and Guan Yu earlier at the YST foyer whilst we "kept James company" as he ate his lunch. We girls finished class earlier so we had our lunch first. He was supposed to join us after his class, but the canteen got a little too crowded so we decided to give our table up...

Showie James! =(


I'm so dreadfully drained. Not even done with 3/4 of the day yet. O_O Ima crash once I get my ass back to PGP. And (hopefully) I'll be too tired to notice how stuffy my room is, or (YunHo forbid =P) if my cluster-mates decide to be jackasses again.

Gonna go for Chamber Class now.

Honestly, you really shouldn't be getting angry with him, cause it's not worth it. You know where we stand. I'm not gonna change my mind just because someone pays me a little more attention than usual. Heck, I don't even LIKE the guy!

Chillax~ =D

Monday, 1 February 2010

Me No Likey

My stuffy room in PGP.


No worries. Not gonna do excessive pondering/thinking cause I made a promise to someone that I will not think about things that don't concern myself.


Had a crazy day in YST. It didn't help that I couldn't sleep much last night cause my effin' clustermates were being inconsiderate, screaming and shouting along the corridor. They were celebrating someone's birthday. O_o


Anyways, I'd just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to James and Ryan for a spectacular performance this afternoon! They both played well. =) 

Discussed about the PD project thing for awhile in the keyboard lab earlier with James and Erik. One person was missing, cause well, James and I weren't very keen on talking to him yet. We will tomorrow though, but it's only because we HAVE to. I'm not quite ready to forgive him for doing what he did.

Like I said on my Facebook status update:

Everyone makes mistakes, but one too many merits no pity/sympathy, and definitely not (multiple) "second" chances.

On a random note, talked to the mom earlier... and she asked me a really random question that I shall not disclose, but yeah... I will make things clear once I clear things up with her when I go back for Chinese New Year. =)

Gonna sleep soon... *yawns*

Toodles people.