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Saturday, 30 January 2010

I Swear...

I'll go bonkers if I practice another minute.


Just did 3 and 1/2 hours of non-stop practice. Blergh~ Non-stop, mind you. I didn't even take a friggin' toilet break. I might do a little more tonight before heading back to PGP, just not right now. I can't feel the tips of my (left-hand) fingers as I'm typing, and I think I might've sprained my right arm.



I'm not sleepy. Just tired.

Looking forward to going back home for the Chinese New Year holidays! Can't wait! To think I'll be back in my own room, with my (non-communal) bathroom, my dog and my family around me...

Oh my goodness, and the FOOD!


Haha. Sorry. I just need to keep thinking about happy things to err... occupy my mind. Else I start thinking about other stuff that really isn't my problem. *looks pointedly at a-hem*

Class with Souptel was good. (I hope) I'm improving, but he still thinks I'm playing very conservatively. He was going on about "take the risk!" and "never mind you make mistake! Just... let go!"

Sounds easy, but yeah... I gotta work on that. And I reckon I have to get over my phobia of performing solo, and of auditions as well. Cause if I keep freezing up when I really have to just let go and play as I've practiced, I'm never gonna get anywhere. Every single time I play solo, doesn't matter whether it's a small scale concert or an exam, I freeze up. And once I make one blunder, I panic and make even more blunders.


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