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Saturday, 2 January 2010

I Feel SO Sneaky!

I'm actually typing this the night before I leave, but I can't post it yet, in case someone reads it!


Okay, so I've actually planned to come back to Singapore on 3rd Jan instead of the initial 7th Jan since like, forever. Okay, maybe not forever... O_O

I DID plan to come back on the 7th at first, but when I checked the date of the OMM concert and saw the program, I thought: what the heck, might as well go back and watch it! Plus, it means that I would have more days to get back into the whole room-booking and practicing routine before term officially starts.

Only thing is, I didn't tell some people about it. Actually, I only err... "notified" a few people. Nobody but my family (yeah DUH!), Guan Yu, Tarrant, Raymond and Eben knew that I was coming back 4 days earlier than planned.

Can't wait to see *inserts person's name here* 's reaction! LOL!

I don't think I'll be able to sleep much tonight. ;)

Right. Bus leaves at 10am tomorrow, and I have to follow my dad to his new music school before he sends me to Corus hotel so... Gotta finish the last of my packing then get some sleep! It's gonna be a long LONG day tomorrow. =)

Surprise, surprise!!

Hope you'll like it. =D

A special thank you to Guan Yu for keeping it hush hush and coming with me to the concert! Owe you BIG time!!! Lurb you dipdip.


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