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Sunday, 31 January 2010

I Can't Believe

That you were capable of such a thing.

I wish there were words strong enough for me to tell you how much I detest your very existence. How could you even bring yourself to do something like that? You think it's alright to break someone's heart, but not when someone breaks yours?

Because of what you did last year, I nearly lost my good opinion of a dear friend.

Now it's all clear. YOU're the bastard who (quite literally) flawed her reputation, and a month later, you developed a crush on another girl, LYING to your girlfriend about your feelings, and trying to reassure her, asking her to trust you...

Then repaying her by telling her, after months of lying, that whatever you've said to her were all friggin' fake. Don't you have a single humane feature left in your being??

My respect for you has officially gone from 5% to a complete 0%.

We all thought you really loved her. That you really cared for her. You spent time with her when she came down for lessons, you even accompanied her to class... You made all those promises and commented on her blogposts with skin-crawling mushy messages...

And I can't believe we were making excuses for your less-than-friendly behavior towards those within our circle of friends. We tried to be nice, but apparently that doesn't work for you.

Fine then, we'll be nasty.

I'm not gonna rant anymore, because you're not worth the time, and I'm sick of wasting time being angry and wanting to rip you apart for hurting her like that. So as much as I would like to swear at you in every possible language at every possible angle, I'm just gonna to IGNORE you.

One more thing though, you should just go to a corner, and go f*ck yourself.


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