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Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I just took a cold shower, thinking that maybe I'd feel better...

Guess what? Now I feel doubly worse.

Thank YOU (the one upstairs) for ruining my day. I was feeling pretty happy with myself, having done all my homework and had a satisfying practice session, before you just HAD to pour cold water all over my head and now I feel like shit.

What if we can't find anyone, or if everyone's taken?

I'm choking back tears as I'm typing this. The bad news from home did NOT help.


Thanks a lot.


너의 친구 리나 =) said...

by pouring cold water on you...you meant RAIN, rite?

hey...don't worry about it. take it that you're on a mission in s'pore...don't let the other stuff get you down. it's during these times when we're away from family that we train to be stronger.

today just happens to be one of those days. it'll soon pass. *hugz*

Clarissa said...

Thanks Lina. I'm feeling loads better now. =)