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Saturday, 23 January 2010


Got the freakin' period today. Blergh. Thankfully I didn't get the cramps or I would've been in a cranky mood all day.

Still felt uncomfortable around the tummy though. O_O

Went to watch "Spy Next Door" earlier this evening. Had an o-kay dinner at "Kopitiam", one of the food courts in Vivo - chicken rice. The movie was... good, but predictable. Ah well, it's Jackie Chan, so... I liked the blooper-section at the end of the movie though. =) And there are specifically 2 movies coming out that I would definitely wanna catch. *hint*


I was actually questioning my suggestion about going out tonight at one point, because someone was worrying about something and I wondered if it was a wise move, going for a movie when that person might not have felt like it. But after my (rather long-winded) lecture, (I hope) whatever I said cheered that person up. -_-"

Or maybe I just managed to numb that person's mind after my non-stop-mindless-chatter.

I REALLY hope that's not the case though.

Sorry. I'm tired, cranky and well, just not thinking straight. The temperature of my room is NOT helping, and neither is the headache I'm currently developing. It was a good night out, though we only had dinner and movie (with popcorn!!) it's a nice change from just school-practice-eat-school-rehearsal-practice-eat-sleep. Hehe~

I just talked to the family so, I'm gonna head to bed soon. My eyes are barely open and I'm meeting up with someone for brunch at 11 tomorrow... Wouldn't wanna be late cause, not only I hate making people wait for me, but I have Chamber rehearsals at 1pm so, yeah.

Okay this is really random, but every time I look at my schedule, I wish I was back in Primary school where my time table consisted of watching cartoons, playing games and (Yamaha) music classes instead of lectures, rehearsals and practice. Not to mention that I didn't have to worry about my future back then... Gah, so many complications arise as we get older.

It's life, I guess.

Right, I'm off to slumberland now.


I was never very good with words, and sometimes the things I want to say don't come out right, but I hope you know that there are people backing you up 100% (including myself), so don't throw in the towel, keep on practicing and you'll do just fine.

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