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Friday, 1 January 2010

5 Days, Babeh!


I should start packing in case I leave things behind, no? =P

But I don't wanna be reminded that I've gotta go back so soon!!!

Seriously, I'm not even 0.00000001% joking, I'm caught between a rock and a very hard place. O_O A part of me wants to go back, like, NOW... but another part of me just wants to stick at home, where my practice times are flexi hours and I don't have to worry about booking practice rooms!

Oh well, wake up girl, I'm going back to hell.

Nah, I'm kidding. It's not gonna be that bad, not that I've got... **^%#&@**

Grr... I'm VERY tempted to privatize my blog. Very, VERY tempted. But I won't, cause it's exceedingly troublesome to go around "inviting" people to read my blog. O_O

Managed to do some quality practice, at least. Played the 1st movement of the concerto with the mom this afternoon. =) It's been a long time since we played anything together... It felt good, though I think my mom's sight-reading skills are not what they used to be, but yeah. It's nice when your accompanist is your own mom, cause you don't have to pay her! (though she -sometimes- makes comments that annoy me a little, she means well. =D)

Supposed to watch Cirque Du Freak today, but I have a funny feeling that it might not happen. My sis is not gonna be very happy if we don't watch it today... Cause we have no time for movies tomorrow! -LONG story-

Anyways, we're going out now.  Supposed to go to KLCC to check out the Isetan sales and get myself a nice, new wallet, but no... Dad needs to be in Jusco, Belakong. 


I'll update again tomorrow!

5 more days ey? *winks*

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