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Friday, 25 December 2009

MPYO Picture Moments...

Picture credits go to: Amelia, Lu Ee and Jebat.

The Tribe in K Gourmet, Prince George's Park Residences.
Clockwise from left: Chris, Dylan, Lu Ee, Jebat, me, James 
K Gourmet!
From Left: Lubat =P (Lu Ee&Jeb), Me
James and I
The Tribe in Singapore!
top row: James, me, Lu Ee, Andrew
bottom row: Chris, Annabel
Holland V after Singapore concert.
from left: Annabel, me, Eben, Adelyn, James, David
YST reception for MPYO
YST reception. Someone took all the cream puffs! ;P
Adelyn and I, enjoying our coffee.

I miss camp already! March, come quick!!!

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