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Saturday, 19 December 2009


In Singapore O_o

Okay so technically I'm supposed to be practicing right now, but I gave up after what... 25 minutes-ish?

*I can hear my mom screaming at me now* =P

I'm tired, alright? It's camp now, so I haven't been getting much sleep the entire week, which explains why I've got these huge-ass bags under my eyes right now, and I'm also conserving energy for the MPYO performance that's due to start in 2 hours.

Okay, maybe the "conserving energy" part is bullshit but

*rudely interrupted by James' call announcing the arrival of fellow MPYO members*

yeah, I'm tired.

Have to do a lil' socialising in about 20 minutes so I'm gonna stop here. To be frank, the only reason I decided to blog was because I had nothing else to do to kill time.


This blog is SO dying...

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