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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Another Year... Gone.

It's freaky how fast time flew by this year... I barely feel like I've attended college, went through a series of unfortunate events in the process, auditioned for AYO and YST, took my A Levels exams, played in 4 MPYO camps, got accepted into YST, finished 2 mind-boggling projects...

Where did my 365 days go??

My mom asked me just now: hey, you're gonna leave soon, you know? Shouldn't you start packing?

Honestly, the 1 month I had back in Malaysia hardly felt like 1 week. All the outings, the camp, the trips, the tour-guiding... I look back and think: time really waits for no man...

I wish I could turn back time, go back and right a few wrongs...

January, where disaster struck, maybe I should've handled it a little better. February, I should've been better prepared for the AYO audition. March, I could've started studying for A Levels. April, getting accepted into YST and having to turn down Leeds... (maybe I could've found a way around it?) May, wishing I'd studied harder prior to A Levels trials and NOT skipped Econs classes just to avoid that bastard. June, A Levels exams... July, heading to Singapore, getting settled in YST (should've taken better care of myself - fell sick on the first week of the semester). August, the start of the semester and MPYO camp (I should've practiced more? =P). September, first group project... O_o October, went back to M'sia during the "reading week" (maybe I should've stayed in Singapore). November, 2nd group project (I think I was a bitch at one point...). December, heading back to Malaysia with Raymond, who was joined by a few other Singaporeans 3 days later (I could've done a better job as the hostess?).

And that's just outlining the big picture. So many things have happened in between, some of them I can't even remember anymore, others which details have faded greatly, some I don't even WANT to remember but are permanently stuck in my memories...

Just this year alone, I've lost a supposed "friend" for good, made a few dozen new ones, realising that my family will be there for me no matter what sh*t happens, discovered who my true friends are, realised how difficult it is to do the whole "let's-just-be-friends" thing, (finally) found someone (two people, actually) whom I can trust whole-heartedly, learnt that first impressions can really, be EXTREMELY deceiving... and a host of other things.

But I guess it could've been worse. Okay, there are wounds that will never heal, scars that will be there to remind me of things and events that I don't want remembered, people I've fallen out with, dreams that I had to wave goodbye to... but hey, life's unfair. =)

So I'm just gonna have to learn to take the rough with the smooth.

On a random note,

I heard this song on the radio once and have been trying to find it for ages, and I finally managed to, just 2 hours ago...

"I Stay in Love"
-Mariah Carey-

It's now officially the 1st of January 2010! 

Here's to a brand new year, a fresh start, and may it bring to everyone happiness, success, laughter and love.

I know it will be a very happy and exciting year for me. *beams*

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