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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

8 days =)

Feeling very happy with myself today (apart from knowing for a fact that I've gained 3kgs in the last 6 months, but that's a different story altogether O_O). Changed my strings, practiced for more than 3 hours, my shoulder didn't bother me at all the whole day, the concerto's starting to sound a lot better, did some good shopping, and I'm catching a movie with the family tonight at Mid Valley! =)

Bought a BRAND NEW pair of sports shoes (for badminton, cause my Sketchers are pretty worn out already) from Adidas, as well as a nice hoodie from ELLE. =D


Can't believe I'm going to watch Avatar 3D at 12.45am later. O_o 

It's gonna end past 3am, and I have to wake up by 11am tomorrow if I wanna practice, go do some shopping in KLCC with mommy, and catch the jazz concert David and a few others are playing in at 8.30pm, after I meet up (hopefully) with Alex and Choon Hui for dinner. 

Am I screwed or what?

Grr... so much for staying home and chillin' for the rest of my holidays huh?

Oh well, mom starts work this Saturday, so she wants to go out as much as possible I suppose... Plus, going out shopping with mommy means I don't have to spend my own money! Heehee~

Okay, I'm gonna go practice a lil' more before we head out again, so yeah...


Can't wait? I know I can't. =P

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