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Thursday, 31 December 2009

6 Deysch and Counting!

Went to watch yet another movie today. O_O

I dunno what's up with us this week. Gone on a movie craze, I reckon. We watched a movie when we were in Genting, watched a movie again after coming back to KL, watched another movie today, AND we're gonna watch either Cirque Du Freak or Sherlock Holmes tomorrow. -_-;

Not, that I'm complaining.

Helps pass the time faster, in any case. =D

Had lunch with the siblings in Pizza Hut this afternoon. Stuffed crust and lots and LOTS-a mozzarella cheese... *yummm* SO sinful, but what the heck? We only live once. *wink*

Watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2" earlier. I REALLY wanted to catch Cirque Du Freak, which just came out today, but NO... The one at 2pm was sold out, and the showtimes after that would've been too late. (mom wanted to avoid the jam) O_o

Oh, the concert last night was good. But it was a little heavy on the ears (for my mom and I, at least) cause 3 out of 4 groups were doing REALLY mainstream stuff, which is nice, but I can't listen to it for long. Makes my mind go a little wonky. Had to resort to thinking about my plans for the next day to distract myself from the vast amount of jamming they were doing. &@#$%^!!


Alex just came over with some souvenirs he bought from Bangkok. Haha! Got me a bookmark ('since you read so much,' says he) and a nice, check-patterned hairband. The dude can be a real pain sometimes but... he's got good taste (occasionally). =P

Right. Bugging e-mail time. Heehee~

I've gotta practice!!!

You know you've got it bad, when you're missing the warmth......


oXYmoroN© said...

Sorry la we all syok sendiri on stage..

Clarissa said...

Hahaha. It's an acquired taste, I guess. I like jamming sessions, just not 2 full hours of it. =P