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Sunday, 27 December 2009

11 days...

Blergh... I canNOT believe I'm in Genting. AGAIN!! It's the flaming 3RD time I'm here in 3 WEEKS! And quite frankly speaking, I'm sick of it. Like, seriously, in a "I-never-wanna-come-here-again" kinda sick.

Oh well, at least there's WiFi at Starbucks, or I really wouldn't know what to do with my time here apart from sleeping like a pig, which is what I have been doing ever since I came back from camp. O_o Mum reckons that all the family's seen of me this holidays is an energy-drained zombie who sleeps more than 12 hours a day, and still wakes up looking half dead.

My trip here to Genting hasn't been all that nice though. Dinner was crap, we had TWELVE people at the dinner table, but the servings they gave were only enough for 3 poeple max. The FISH, oh my goodness, the FISH, was no bigger than my palm! The funniest part was, when my aunt asked the "manager": is THIS it? For TWELVE people?

The woman had the cheek to reply: well, you only ordered ONE fish.

My dad was like: okay, next time, we'll order TWELVE fishes. (we burst out laughing at that one)

NOT, that there will be a NEXT time, of course.

I actually am quite tempted to post up some of the pictures we took during dinner, but the connection over here (Starbucks) is pretty wonky, so if you're feeling abominably bored, check out the album on Facebook here.

Thing about the family is, whether or not we're having a lousy dinner in some crappy road-side stall or a scrumptious meal in a fancy hotel restaurant, we still have fun talking and cracking jokes. =) It's moments like these that I miss most when I'm in Singapore. 


And to think I'm going back so soon... 

Oh well, I can always stalk my sister's blog for whatever's going on in the family. The girl posts almost every detail on her blog. O_o 

ANYWAYS, I'm just gonna stop here. The sis wants to use my laptop, so I'll update when err...

whenever I feel like it la. =)

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