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Monday, 28 December 2009

10 days~

Watched Avatar this evening with the aunt, uncle, bro and sis.

I LOVED it! Gonna watch it again when I get back to Singapore! =P

Did a bit of shopping after lunch at Coffee Terrace (man, I ate A-LOT!) today. Bought a nice, casual (black) top from Giordano, and I'm now thinking of whether I should get this other top I tried on from B.U.M. =) It's a 2-piece top, and it's 20% off! Grr... So tempting!

Okay, something tells me I'm gonna go back there and get it tomorrow morning. O_o

Had a nice dinner to make up for the crappy one yesterday... and my siblings, aunt, uncle and I had fun telling the rest of the family about how much we enjoyed ourselves (watching Avatar) even though we were seated on the 2nd row. Yeah, I had to tilt my head up to look at the screen most of the time. And the movie ain't very short. It was close to 2 and a half hours long! O_o Explains why my neck felt terribly sore after the movie ended. But hey, it was worth it!

Just had an ice cream sundae and 3 pieces of nuggets. =P Boy, am I full! 

Seriously, judging by the way I've been eating... 


Put it this way, by the time I get back to Singapore, I won't believe anyone who tells me I haven't put on weight. =D


Sorry, momentary black out there... 

Hey, it's 12.30am right now so my brain's starting to malfunction. I-need-sleep!


It happens everytime,
oh it's magic when we meet,
Down on DreamStreet...


So I'll meet you down on dream street. =D

on a random note...

took this pic this morning RIGHT after I woke up. =P

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