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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

7 more daysch!

Cannot believe I'm still functioning after only sleeping 4-5 hours last night. The movie ended at 3.45am, and by the time I got to bed, it was already 4.30am. Woke up at 10am because my mom wanted to have lunch with the grandmother in PJ, spent a few hours there, and now I'm back home, wishing I could just crawl onto my bed and sleep, but can't because I need to get in some practice before heading out to KLCC for the jazz concert.


Okay, no I don't. But still... I look and feel like a zombie. O_O

The movie was good, though I was a little too tired to really appreciate it. Maybe we should go again at a more earthly time? Haha! The dad actually fell asleep during the less-exciting parts cause he's been up to his neck with work the past 3-4 weeks...

On a random note...
People do stupid things all the time, and sometimes these stupid things let our parents down and they get err... well, pissed and/or disappointed. But hey, everyone makes mistakes, and most of the time, these mistakes are due to lack of thinking on our part. As long as you realise it and apologize, I don't see why your parents won't understand that it was mere recklessness on your part and forgive you.

Cause hey, we all learn from our mistakes, no?

Right, I'm off to send someone an e-mail now so... Will update again about the concert tonight, sometime tomorrow. =)

Did I ever mention how much I dislike the whole CORS bidding thing? -_-;

Melody and Harmony in love~

Boy, I LOVE that song. =D

Can't believe I'm leaving so soon...

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