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Monday, 16 November 2009

Picture Post

Because I'm (again) too lazy to elaborate.

Pic Credits: Tarrant Kwok

From Top To Bottom: Guan Yu, Me, Tarrant
Guan Yu, zonked after a long day
Waiting for a cab outside YST.
Browsing through the menu at a Dimsum place in Takashimaya
Teddy Bear Christmas Tree!!
From Left: Raymond, Budi,  Budi's binoculars
Guan Yu's Trumpet
Guan Yu and her drink in "Coffee Club"
(I took this pic!!) =P
Little girl shopping for future outfits in Zara
"Kindly Refrain From Touching" =P
Outside Ion Orchard
From Left: Raymond, Elson (Ray's Singaporean friend from NZ O_o), in Helipad, Clarke Quay
Ray with "Korean-like" eyes
Guan Yu, Raymond's cap
Ray, attempting a "gangsta" look for his future concert posters =)

Enough fun. It's back to work now.



Tarrant said...

Practice konon. XD

Clarissa said...

Hey! I DO practice, alright! *glares*

Tarrant said...

Jangan merajuk la...