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Friday, 23 October 2009

Oh Dear...

I thank goodness that I'm not (I hope) plagued with this. =)

This is for you babe.

It is hard dealing with someone who you really like, but that person doesn't like you back. You try everything in your power to get them to notice you, but it doesn't work out. Don't be discouraged when it doesn't work. That just means he is not the right one for you.

Here's the thing:

1- When you find out that someone who you have a crush on doesn't like you back, don't cry over him because most likely he is not thinking about you.
  1. 2- If you feel depressed, go and hang out with friends to take your mind away from the situation.

    3- Go home and either watch movies, read a book, or play table games.

    4- Talk to someone about the situation to get it out of your system. Don't try to bottle it inside. It's not healthy

    If that still doesn't work, gimme a call, give me his number and I'll scream at him for you.

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