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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


A good orchestra. =D

Went for the New York Phil Concert last night. They played the Brahms Violin Concerto with Frank Peter Zimmermann and Mahler's Symphony No 1.

Wynne, Guan Yu and I were left in awe after it ended. The fourth movement of the symphony, in particular, left us breathless. I couldn't think straight for a few solid minutes, just kept on clapping as hard as I could. Haha. Oh, and we've sorta developed this crush on one of the members in the orchestra.


Haha. He's cute, and plays well too so...

Violinist was fantastic. I don't fancy the concerto much, but the third movement was insane. The orchestra colaborated so well with the soloist AND the conductor.

I wish I could say the same for our Masterclass earlier that day (Beethoven 7th)... A lot of us weren't taking it seriously, some even coming in 2 minutes before the masterclass was due to start. And all he did was try to get us to play in tempo and in rhythm. Like, what a waste right? And I felt so embarrassed whenever he repeated himself (which he did, quite often). I'm surprised that we got as far as half the first movement. Luckily we weren't doing the 3rd movement with him, or we'd just be repeating the first 2 bars again and again and again... O_o

But still, I learnt a lot. Like how dangerous rests can be cause you can't hear if they're not together. Like, of course we knew that, but I bet no one's ever thought of them (rests) that way before. And I heard a complete difference from our usual rehearsal when he ran through a part of the 1st movement with us for the FIRST time.

Anyhoo, gonna watch them again tonight! This time we're gonna see if it's possible to get some pictures!!! *beams*


It's an all-Beethoven affair tonight! *squeals*

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