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Thursday, 22 October 2009

La la la~

It's almost 2am and I can't fall asleep, so I figured I might as well blog to tire myself out. O_o

I hope it works. I hate it when I'm bodily and mentally tired but...







Had class as usual today, then went out for a bit with Tarrant (he was my senior back in MCKL). Took him around YST, and apparently, he was really satisfied cause he managed to get some really nice shots with his fancy-pansy camera. ;)

I think there are a couple of ugly ones with me in it though... I shall post them on Facebook (and here, if I find the time) once he's done "processing" them.

Had dinner at Munchie Monkey's, where I bumped into Sabina, Budi, Jonathan an Raymond. He (Tarrant) bought me dinner (THANK YOU!) because (according to him) I'd been a good tour guide *chokes* and provided him with "satisfactory" shooting err... subjects, if that's how you term it. O_o

I'm sorry. I'm actually typing this with my eyes half open and my brain working it's minimum, which is VERY close to... well, not working at all really. I'm just typing things off the top of my head, which I seldom do, cause I usually think them through beforehand.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the right frame of mind to do that now.

You know, I MIGHT just be able to fall asleep now.


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