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Saturday, 31 October 2009


You OBVIOUSLY don't care, so, I'm not gonna bother from now on.

I feel like a wreck. My fingers were freezing up in the practice room earlier so I had to stop for awhile. Dunno why, but YST felt colder than usual tonight.

Waited for Guan Yu to get back before heading out for my very late dinner with her and James. Were supposed to join Jason and the rest, but I didn't feel like drinking tonight so we just ate on our own and headed back to PGP.

I finally decided to spill the beans, but only 2 people in the whole wide world knows (you know who you are) and I intend to keep it that way. =D

Gonna wake up to practice in the morning tomorrow... MIGHT (it's highly unlikely, but...) go look-see-look-see Halloween Celebration in NAFA. That's IF I'm satisfied enough with my practice. O_o

There's not much to update about. There's some Symposium thing going on right now, so a few of our classes has been cancelled. I am (finally) reasonably satisfied with my variation, and will have to get started on the remainder of my assignments/projects, soon.

Honestly, someone PLEASE slap me.


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Clarissa said...

HAHA! Yeah, I should dress up as Wang Ya Hui since SOMEONE thinks I look like her right? =P