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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Had a bout of vomitting this morning. Resulted in skipping 2 of my morning classes. O_o I reckon it was the chicken rice I had last night. Bleh... Almost had to crawl back to my room after I puked the 2nd time. 

Anyways, it's back to M'sia in 3 days so... I'll be having good food (and putting on weight in the process), good sleep and (hopefully) good practice. =D

I haven't been updating much partially because I've sorta lost the "blogging urge" or however people term it, and also because I haven't got much time to update. Try having your lecturers throw assignment after assignment at you and see if you can still think up something interesting to write on your blog. 

Most of the time, I sit in front of my laptop and stare at my blog dashboard, wanting to update because it's been ages since the last time I did so, clicking on the "new post" link after 10 minutes of "should I or should I not?", then when I manage to think of what to name the post, I lose the ability to construct coherent sentences, finally giving up on updating altogether.

Anyhoo, I'm waking up early to rehearse our mid-term project (which I find a complete waste of time and effort) so I reckon I'd better get some sleep.

Till I find a time where my brain juices aren't critically low, farewell.

See? I can't even END a post properly now.

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