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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lucky In Love?

I'm back =)

Haven't blogged for awhile and I'm real tired now so...

Why does it seem like everyone around me is pairing off? 


Haha. Random much?

So weird.

Anyhoo, camp was... brief. At least, it felt that way. Maybe cause we were so tired all the time that's why... And maybe because we didn't really do much together...

Gah, camp was fun, nonetheless, excluding the drama bits as well as moments where certain annoying people start gnawing on our nerves. =D Then again, we get on each other's nerves often enough.


Anyways, pics are up on Facebook, so go check them out there. And again, I shan't be blogging about camp in detail, since most of those who read my blog are from MPYO anyways. =)

Had my 2nd lesson with Mr Souptel today. T'was good, but I've got a lot to improve on, like, seriously. Shit. I've got orchestra practice this Thursday for Musourgsky (pardon if I spelt it wrongly. Too lazy to check the actual spelling =P) and I haven't practiced my part yet.

Am I screwed or what? O_o

And I'm back to where I started...

I'm gonna take it one step at a time.

Help me, please.

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