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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I'm Coming Back...

On the afternoon of the 18th this month. Reaching approximately at 9pm or so. =) Can't wait to be back home again...

But first, I gotta practice.

Gotta finish the stupid mid-term project.

Have to run-through Dr. Koo's transposition stuff cause I don't wanna eff-up my marks.

Remind myself to re-send the Finale folder to Dr. Edwards.

Then I can start packing!!!


As much as I miss home when I'm over here, I can't help but wish I was further away... Of course, YST's provides a great opportunity, but if I get an equal offer to, say, the US, I'd jump at it without a second thought. Even if it means only seeing my family once a year. Mom agrees with me too, things are never what it seems, I learnt that when our classes started.

Right. I've got "Music Tech" class now so... Updates in... Another week's time perhaps? ;)

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