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Thursday, 24 September 2009


It seems like only yesterday that I ran out of YST after class, took the A2 bus to PGP, rushed about in my tiny room, panicking and mentally ticking off all the neccessary things I have to take with me back home, at the same time stuffing down some snacks I bought from "Old Chang Kee" (having had no time for lunch), panting all the way to the entrance of PGP after I've double-checked everything, calling the cab, making my way to Harbourfront Centre, sighing in relief after I got my bus tickets WAY ahead of time, having a cup of latte whilst waiting to board the bus, being ON the bus, coming back home, reaching Corus Hotel, my dad driving us back home, surprising my mom in Claris, having steamboat for supper....

And all too soon I'll have to head back to Singapore.

I have to admit, I haven't been doing anything productive, much. Apart from practicing and doing the "reflection" for the mid-sem project, I've been lazing around the house. The good thing is, I've caught up on my lost sleep, and the bags under my eyes have disappeared. =)

Managed to meet up with some college mates on Saturday. Talked for a bit, then watched "G-Force" (which was a total waste of time), shopped a little... Regretfully, due to unforeseen circumstances, the other outings I had planned might not happen, and I'd have to wait till December to see the rest of my friends.

Been having issues with whatever it is I'm doing, currently. It seems as if the passion and excitement have diminished... I wonder why on earth I feel this way, and have come to no conclusion whatsoever. Maybe it's the lack of motivation, maybe because I don't push myself enough, maybe the environment's not right, maybe... 

Just maybe, I'm not cut out for this?

Oh well, I'm just gonna have to grit my teeth and get through it. Perhaps it's just me being stupid and thinking nonsense cause I've got nothing else to do. O_o

Will update if (HyunJoong forbid =P) the sky turns to fire and my nose falls off. =D

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