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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Here's What I've Been Up To

I'll let the pictures do the talking =)

Hamish's 19th Birthday
Orchestral Rehearsals a.k.a. Kungfu Masterclass =P
At the "Roast Duck" restaurant
Raymond checking out the menu
In Super Snack, the "Waffle" place, where we have supper and talk till the shop closes
The Cheese Prata Shop
Met up with Adelyn
At McD's
Eating ice-cream and sundae(s)
Walking around the posh places in Singapore (Clarke Quay,was it?)
Playing cards in Super Snack
More orchestral rehearsals (and watching my desk partner fool around =P)
The last of the orientation activities
Before the BBQ started
Fun and Games. I was describing the "television" to Karen O_o
Clockwise from left: Zhang Ke, Karen, Sophia, Siu Yan, Me, Jebat, James, ZiQiao, Xie Tian and LinJiu
I look stupid, don't I? You'd think I know what the mask was for XP
One of the games
Whilst the explanation of the games were going on
Orientation Speeches which got a lot of us sleepy
Using Jebat's room's WiFi connectivity =D
Jebat & James: I've found you!

HAHA! How's THAT for an update? =D

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