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Saturday, 15 August 2009


Been sick for the pass few days, which is why I haven't been blogging much. Heck, I haven't even been practicing much and I've got a lesson with Mr Souptel this coming Tuesday.

Am I screwed or what?

Was actually chatting with my siblings earlier but I told them to gimme a few minutes so I can update my blog. =P

Called home last night. Talked for more than an hour with my sis from 8pm, till my phone ran out of credit. =P Then I ran down to Nanyang to top up and then continued talking. =D Hey, I don't call home very often, in fact, this is a first. And I've given up on trying to save on phone bill cause frankly speaking, I don't use it much anyways.

I think I used up like SGD30++ just talking to my family last night. =P Cause I called my grandmother as well, who's not doing very well after the side effects of the chemo kicked in. Was tearing a little when I heard how weak her voice was.

That aside, due to the untimely visit of my illness, I cancelled with the OMM. I'm lagging behind in my own work, I have to practice MPYO parts as well as Shostakovich 5... Nuff said.

But really. The first 2 days, agony. Couldn't even get up without feeling the earth sway beneath me (or perhaps it was me swaying?), and I had a tough time making it to the bathroom in a straight line. O_o

Okay, going for lunch now. Ciao!

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