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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Another Pic Post. Hehe.

I'm sorry I haven't been a very good blogger, but I'm too drained to be thinking of relating how I spend my time and energy here so again...

I'll let the pictures do the talking. =D

Credits go to Jebat, Vincent and Danny. Thanks guys!

Orchestral rehearsals
Guildhall program practice
A Gamelan experience.
"Fantastic Four" =P
Rhythm clapping. Did plenty of those even prior to this (MPYO camp, for instance) , so it was easy. =D
Warm-up, Guildhall style =)
Dress Rehearsal
Tanasak, Thai flautist
Fillipe Souza, Guildhall
With Wei Boon
With our Sinfonia conductor, Wong Kah Chun
Fooling around after the performance
Being cheeky =P
Dinner in IKEA
Laughing at Malaysian politics
Cheers to 2009/10!
Watching the fireworks on Singapore's National Day 2009

And a whole new journey begins....

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Been sick for the pass few days, which is why I haven't been blogging much. Heck, I haven't even been practicing much and I've got a lesson with Mr Souptel this coming Tuesday.

Am I screwed or what?

Was actually chatting with my siblings earlier but I told them to gimme a few minutes so I can update my blog. =P

Called home last night. Talked for more than an hour with my sis from 8pm, till my phone ran out of credit. =P Then I ran down to Nanyang to top up and then continued talking. =D Hey, I don't call home very often, in fact, this is a first. And I've given up on trying to save on phone bill cause frankly speaking, I don't use it much anyways.

I think I used up like SGD30++ just talking to my family last night. =P Cause I called my grandmother as well, who's not doing very well after the side effects of the chemo kicked in. Was tearing a little when I heard how weak her voice was.

That aside, due to the untimely visit of my illness, I cancelled with the OMM. I'm lagging behind in my own work, I have to practice MPYO parts as well as Shostakovich 5... Nuff said.

But really. The first 2 days, agony. Couldn't even get up without feeling the earth sway beneath me (or perhaps it was me swaying?), and I had a tough time making it to the bathroom in a straight line. O_o

Okay, going for lunch now. Ciao!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

How Do You Think...

I feel when you're making all those plans, rubbing it in my face that I'm not involved?

Can't you at least do it when I'm not around?

Makes me wonder what I'm doing here...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Here's What I've Been Up To

I'll let the pictures do the talking =)

Hamish's 19th Birthday
Orchestral Rehearsals a.k.a. Kungfu Masterclass =P
At the "Roast Duck" restaurant
Raymond checking out the menu
In Super Snack, the "Waffle" place, where we have supper and talk till the shop closes
The Cheese Prata Shop
Met up with Adelyn
At McD's
Eating ice-cream and sundae(s)
Walking around the posh places in Singapore (Clarke Quay,was it?)
Playing cards in Super Snack
More orchestral rehearsals (and watching my desk partner fool around =P)
The last of the orientation activities
Before the BBQ started
Fun and Games. I was describing the "television" to Karen O_o
Clockwise from left: Zhang Ke, Karen, Sophia, Siu Yan, Me, Jebat, James, ZiQiao, Xie Tian and LinJiu
I look stupid, don't I? You'd think I know what the mask was for XP
One of the games
Whilst the explanation of the games were going on
Orientation Speeches which got a lot of us sleepy
Using Jebat's room's WiFi connectivity =D
Jebat & James: I've found you!

HAHA! How's THAT for an update? =D