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Friday, 3 July 2009

Of Shopping, Concerts and Buffets =)

Went to Tangs last Friday to do some (rather last-minute) shopping. I think I get my love for all things last-minute from my parents. =P

Got 2 new black blouses, one from "Coats" and the other from "T.S.", a cute pair of slippers from "Atlanta" and a pair of (Swarovski-studded) earrings from "Muchos". My brother, was especially happy because my dad got him about 5 new shirts/t-shirts.

I've still got a lot of shopping left to do, which is why I will be going to KLCC tomorrow with my mom to get (hopefully) the remainder of whatever it is I need before I leave.

Saturday was... uneventful. =) I was supposed to attend the Masquerade Ball thing in Heritage Mansion but, unfortunately, I was not in a very healthy state to be going. Felt really disappointed... Not only did my 80 bucks go to waste, but I missed out on (according to Choon Hui) great dance performances and cute boys (and booze =P).

Ah, at least the dress I bought for the occasion can be saved in the event of another err... event. (sorry I'm really not in the mood for blogging so excuse the limited vocab) 

Went for this (pic down below) on Sunday. I fell in love with a composition by a 12-year-old boy, it's an easy-listening piece but quite technical as well. His movements were also more natural than the other it's-so-obvious-you-choreographed-it performances. He won, by the way, which was somewhat of a let-down for my dad because he was betting on the other girl. =P

The open-age category was disgusting though. Orchestration was utter rubbish and the arrangments were horrrendous. They played even worse than those from the junior category. We were all glad when that segment was over. Couldn't stop laughing at this one girl who pronounced Beethoven's name as "Beh-Do-Fen". O_o 

We're evil. =)

Claris won an award as well, "Best Entertainer". Not bad ey? 

Went for Japanese buffet after that. I didn't quite like it though, because they didn't have California Rolls just the normal (and cheap) selection of sushi. The beef was good though, and the salad as well.

Wokay... I've now completely lost my blogging vibe. Will update once I gather my thoughts.

Till then, toodles!

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