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Thursday, 2 July 2009


Watched "Last House On The Left" in Sunway Piramid yesterday, thanks to Fiona. We thought it was a horror movie at first, given it's title, but it just turned out to be one of those really sick movies with people who enjoy watching others suffer.

Arina and I agreed that we'd much rather have watched "17 Again". Yes, I would prefer Zac Efron prancing about with that pretty-boy smile (that I can't stand) in comparison to blood splattered across the screen.

It wasn't all that gloomy the whole day though... Prior to Sunway, we were in Sri Aman to visit our teachers. I hadn't been back there for nearly 2 years, and since I'd be leaving for Singapore soon, I figured I'd just pay the school a visit. I'm surprised the teachers remembered me. Hehe.

Puan Yap said she recognised me, but couldn't pin-point my name or what she knew me for. I just had to mention "orchestra" then she was like "YEAH! The orchestra girl!"

Yes, the ONLY thing I was known for back in high school was being the leader for the orchestra for 2 years. I kept a pretty low profile back then. =)

We talked the most with Pn Christina. She's still the same. Her desk, is still as messy as ever. Poor woman, she's always dragged into one function or another, and it's only towards the end of the year when she finally (as she puts it) "gets her life back". She's involved with Cheer now too, as well as drama and stuff. I miss her classes, really.

Anyways, after going around the whole school, greeting old teachers and juniors, we headed to the Sunway club to park (since Fee's mom doesn't let her park into parking lots) then took the shuttle bus to Piramid.

Bought movie tickets (to a movie I REALLY didn't wanna watch) then went for drinks and cake in Starbucks. Talked and cam-whored a bit, then headed to the cinema.

Towards the end of the movie, I sought escape in my Walkman phone, drowning myself in Brian's voice and played Sudoku up till Fee accidently nudged me and I caught a glimpse of a man's head being laid inside a microwave and JUST barely managed to avoid watching the part where his head exploded. (Fee and Arina filled me in after we walked out) =P

I was never one for horror/thriller movies. Give me romance/comedy/adventure/cartoon anyday (I wanted to watch "Dance Subaru"!!!). I don't, and never will, appreciate gory shows/movies.

Just read my sister's blog, and realised that she makes a habit out of imagining what I'd say in whatever circumstance she's in. O_o

And it's back to more practice...


Aa-ree-nah said...

Next time, we let anyone BUT Fee decide what movie too watch. -__-;
And I'm usually quite fine with blood/gore. But...Last House On The Left was too much.
I don't think it was so much the blood that got to me, but...watching the movie really homed in the fact that humans really would do those kinds of things to each other. It's terrible, whether or not they had a good reason for it. Come to think of it, who are we to say whether there really IS a good reason to kill someone?
To be able to willingly inflict pain and take away a life, under any circumstance, is...inhumane. And ironically, only humans do it.

I'm ranting, sorry. :P

Visiting school again was fun. ;) And I'm sure you are remembered by more teachers than I. :|

Clarissa said...

Nah... You were a good girl, Arina... I was remembered for all the wrong stuff. =D

Probably the only good thing I was remembered for was my involvement with the orchestra. =)

But yes, visiting the school again was fun.