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Thursday, 23 July 2009

BBQ, ABCD, and Peter and the Wolf =P

Stuffed ourselves with "Hokkien mee", Chicken wings, squid, "otak-otak" and satay last night. It was in the BBQ area of PGP, after ice-breaking sessions and some games.

The "ice-breaking" game was the "blanket" game I've played before. We were split into 2 groups, and each group stands on different sides of a raised blanket. Each group then chooses a member to squat closer to the blanket, when the blanket is dropped, the fastest to yell out the name of the person squating behind the blanket, wins. The loser moves to the other team. =)

T'was very funny, cause the look on their faces right after the blanket drops is priceless. O_o

Next was the err... "grouping" game, if I can call it that. 4 groups are given an animal each, then we're all blind-folded and led to different places. On cue, we then keep making the noise of the respective animals to find our group. The monkeys, in particular, were incredibly loud due to their "Hoohas". XP

After that, came some form of Charades/passing the message by action. Gave me a tummy ache, that one. Absolutely hilarious. Cause it was done team by team, so whilst one team is at it, the other teams get to watch their progress.

Lemma give you an example:

original word: Penguin

after going through the descriptions of 7 people or so...

the result: Crab

Julian took a video of our group at it, so once Jebat posts it up on Facebook, I might (depending on if he minds) post it up here. =)

The BBQ was more of a success with its games rather than the food. O_o

See, halfway through eating, some of them started playing something called "Black Magic", some weird so-called "logic" game which really doesn't require much (if any) brainwork. Leaving some of us really flustered, Raymond (a senior) then introduced another game, involving something like:

If A's _______,
and B's _______,
and C's _______,
then what's D?

I got that one, as well as the "Peter and the Wolf" one, which went along the same lines.

The BBQ officially ended about 11pm or so, and I was darn tired by then. Didn't help that Wee Kiat prank-called me and told me I have a pending $500 payable to PGP for room deposit. It finally hit me that it was all phoney when he said: there's an officer who can help you with your situation, his name is Mr Lai Wee Kiat.

I was swearing at him for a solid minute, I think. *glares*

We're meeting up on Saturday, presumably. Cause I'm only completely free on that day...

Anyways, back to practice again. =)

I'm hungry....... =(

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