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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Another One???

Yes, we had another one of those "fruit" parties, this time in Jebat's block. O_o

It was "Longan", "cempedak" and apples this time around. Had fun chit-chatting whilst chowing down. My throat felt real dry after that, which resulted in over-consumption of H2O, causing my tummy feeling bloated all night long...

Got some "tests" to go for later. Theory and Keyboard, apparently. The only thing I don't want them to do is give me sight-reading.

I'd fail immediately.

Anyways, will be going back to pratice now. I'm only blogging because I came down to check my e-mail. My err... "buddy" (we have to share the student card before we get our own this week) needs the card after this so...

Waiting for pics to be posted up then I shall put some up here! =)

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