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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Had a massive headache when I woke up this morning. The late nights have NOT helped. I should really start sleeping early from now on...

Like that's gonna happen. O_o

Watched a concert last night comprising of Brahm's Violin Concerto in D, Hindemith and Tchaikovsky's 1812.

Qian Zhou''s technique was nuts, but I didn't like the 2nd movement much. Kinda liked her cadenza though... I didn't like the Hindemith much either, but that might be because I don't know how to appreciate modern music. O_o Tchaikovsky was good though, the cello section was really solid. Raymond in particular, was very enthusiastic (caused by the Redbull+Vodka perhaps?).

We went for supper after that. I was particularly hungry because I hadn't had dinner, so I ate more than I ought last night. We went for waffles when it was past 11pm. XP

And we'll be going out for dinner again tonight.

My wallet's gonna be empty REAL soon if this keeps up. =(

In any case, I'm actually having a break from practice now, but it's time to get right back to it.

I will post up a few pics when I find the time and patience to endure Blogger's heavily-flawed photo upload function. =)

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Woke up late today cause we were chatting with a few people till late last night. O_o Felt so guilty when I woke up at 9 something or so. (my days here start as early as 7am)

Anyways, I've decided that I'm far too lazy to post the pics up here, so just check them out on my Facebook. =D

And watch the videos. They're hilarious.

String sectionals yesterday was.............. O_o I'll leave you all to decipher what I mean. =)

Till I find something worth blogging about, toodles!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

BBQ, ABCD, and Peter and the Wolf =P

Stuffed ourselves with "Hokkien mee", Chicken wings, squid, "otak-otak" and satay last night. It was in the BBQ area of PGP, after ice-breaking sessions and some games.

The "ice-breaking" game was the "blanket" game I've played before. We were split into 2 groups, and each group stands on different sides of a raised blanket. Each group then chooses a member to squat closer to the blanket, when the blanket is dropped, the fastest to yell out the name of the person squating behind the blanket, wins. The loser moves to the other team. =)

T'was very funny, cause the look on their faces right after the blanket drops is priceless. O_o

Next was the err... "grouping" game, if I can call it that. 4 groups are given an animal each, then we're all blind-folded and led to different places. On cue, we then keep making the noise of the respective animals to find our group. The monkeys, in particular, were incredibly loud due to their "Hoohas". XP

After that, came some form of Charades/passing the message by action. Gave me a tummy ache, that one. Absolutely hilarious. Cause it was done team by team, so whilst one team is at it, the other teams get to watch their progress.

Lemma give you an example:

original word: Penguin

after going through the descriptions of 7 people or so...

the result: Crab

Julian took a video of our group at it, so once Jebat posts it up on Facebook, I might (depending on if he minds) post it up here. =)

The BBQ was more of a success with its games rather than the food. O_o

See, halfway through eating, some of them started playing something called "Black Magic", some weird so-called "logic" game which really doesn't require much (if any) brainwork. Leaving some of us really flustered, Raymond (a senior) then introduced another game, involving something like:

If A's _______,
and B's _______,
and C's _______,
then what's D?

I got that one, as well as the "Peter and the Wolf" one, which went along the same lines.

The BBQ officially ended about 11pm or so, and I was darn tired by then. Didn't help that Wee Kiat prank-called me and told me I have a pending $500 payable to PGP for room deposit. It finally hit me that it was all phoney when he said: there's an officer who can help you with your situation, his name is Mr Lai Wee Kiat.

I was swearing at him for a solid minute, I think. *glares*

We're meeting up on Saturday, presumably. Cause I'm only completely free on that day...

Anyways, back to practice again. =)

I'm hungry....... =(

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Another One???

Yes, we had another one of those "fruit" parties, this time in Jebat's block. O_o

It was "Longan", "cempedak" and apples this time around. Had fun chit-chatting whilst chowing down. My throat felt real dry after that, which resulted in over-consumption of H2O, causing my tummy feeling bloated all night long...

Got some "tests" to go for later. Theory and Keyboard, apparently. The only thing I don't want them to do is give me sight-reading.

I'd fail immediately.

Anyways, will be going back to pratice now. I'm only blogging because I came down to check my e-mail. My err... "buddy" (we have to share the student card before we get our own this week) needs the card after this so...

Waiting for pics to be posted up then I shall put some up here! =)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Of Harry Potter, Durians and New Zealand Apples...


Had a "fruit" party last night in Vincent's block after we came back from watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. =D

Got Hamish (a percussionist from NZ) to try durian and "cempedak". ^_^

The movie was good... Though the one thing I didn't like at all about it was that they cut out the part where the D.A. and the Order of the Phoeniz was supposed to fight the Death Eaters. O_o I was waiting for that part, it's like... the climax in the book...

But I still think it's the best (so far) out of all 6 movies.

Right. I'm actually supposed to be practicing now but I took a break to come and check my e-mail. Going right back to the practice rooms now though.


Friday, 17 July 2009

Some pictures from Singapore =)

Photographer: Zhang Ke (top row, far right)
Girl who talks non-stop =P: Sophia (bottom row, second from right)
I know I look the shortest here but that's only because the rest were on a slope... O_o

Our group with our "prizes" =)
Though we didn't win any of the main prizes, it was fun going around campus together. Talked quite a bit with a Vietnamese violinist who was in AYO last year.

There are a few more pictures, but I don't know why I can't seem to receive it from Zhang Ke. Anyways, will update if there's anything else interesting.

I look the shortest in both pics no? Funniest thing is, I'm actually the tallest girl in the group. O_o

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Apart from the food, everything's been fine and dandy. =) Starting to practice at every chance I get, which is one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging. The other reason, is that I don't even effing have a laptop yet. O_o waiting for the Comp Fair so that I can get a better deal.

Met a lot of people, some downright interesting ones; consisting of this one girl who's, by herself, an amusing person. And another guy who looks almost exactly like Xiah Jun Su from DBSK, only Xiah's a million times hotter. =P

Just went through library orientation. Had a med check up yesterday which resulted in a nice blue-black mark where they took my blood from. My arm was hurting for the rest of the day. Did some shopping in Vivo city, complained about Singaporean food, missing home and my own room...

I was just thinking that maybe things would go on smoothly after all, then last night...

No wonder you didn't sound too estatic when you told me.

No wonder you both gave me shifty glances when you saw me.

No wonder you people acted strangely around me.

You tried to hide your opinion but it was painstakingly obvious to me.

I had to force myself to sound unhappy about it just so you wouldn't know that I was secretly jumping for joy inside.

I had doubts as to whether I'd be able to do it well, but all thanks to ***********************, my confidence level went 6 feet under.

How am I supposed to do it knowing what you all think about it?

Do you all doubt my abilities that much?

I was expecting surprise (I was very much surprised myself) but not disappointment, to this extent.

I felt like shit last night. And felt even worse because I couldn't tell anybody. Which hurt like crap.

Spent a good 2 hours crying when it finally hit me, what I found out meant so much.

I found out that I meant so little...

Right. Going for a concert in the Esplanade later. Will be practicing till then. Ciao!

Louisa, if you read this, tell mommy not to worry kay? I'm doing fine on my own. I miss everyone back home, give Snowy my love and make some sarcastic remarks on my behalf to Ivan kay? See you in December =)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Well, not exactly... 

we're driving down but... 

you get ma' drift. =P

I'm not even done packing yet so I'd better get right to it! =)

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Went for a "Prevention of Cervical Cancer" jab (it's called "Gardasil" or something like that) this morning. Woke up at an unearthly hour of 8a.m. (for me, at least. I'm a night owl =P) and waited outside the clinic until 9.30a.m.
Apparently, the doc hasn't heard of something called punctuality. O_o

The clinic's supposed to be open by 9am. Maybe he overslept or something.

In any case, my left arm is aching right now so I shan't type much (like there's anything much to type in the first place O_o)

Thank goodness for the numbing spray or I think I may have shrieked in pain. Even through the numbness, I could still feel the poke of the needle and the fluid being pumped into my arm... I panicked a little after he said that this jab is significantly more painful than the others, but it wasn't too bad.

I've never made a fuss about injections, but that don't mean I like them, no?

Removing my braces this afternoon. 


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Gettin' Wet n' Dirty

Just gave dear old Snowy a bath. =)

Doesn't she look cute?

Right. I shall leave blogging to another erm... cleaner day because I'm in desperate need of a bath right now. 

I smell of Snowy's doggy soap. O_o

Going to KLCC for lunch! *grins*

I'm taking me braces off tomorrow!! *double grin*

Friday, 3 July 2009

Of Shopping, Concerts and Buffets =)

Went to Tangs last Friday to do some (rather last-minute) shopping. I think I get my love for all things last-minute from my parents. =P

Got 2 new black blouses, one from "Coats" and the other from "T.S.", a cute pair of slippers from "Atlanta" and a pair of (Swarovski-studded) earrings from "Muchos". My brother, was especially happy because my dad got him about 5 new shirts/t-shirts.

I've still got a lot of shopping left to do, which is why I will be going to KLCC tomorrow with my mom to get (hopefully) the remainder of whatever it is I need before I leave.

Saturday was... uneventful. =) I was supposed to attend the Masquerade Ball thing in Heritage Mansion but, unfortunately, I was not in a very healthy state to be going. Felt really disappointed... Not only did my 80 bucks go to waste, but I missed out on (according to Choon Hui) great dance performances and cute boys (and booze =P).

Ah, at least the dress I bought for the occasion can be saved in the event of another err... event. (sorry I'm really not in the mood for blogging so excuse the limited vocab) 

Went for this (pic down below) on Sunday. I fell in love with a composition by a 12-year-old boy, it's an easy-listening piece but quite technical as well. His movements were also more natural than the other it's-so-obvious-you-choreographed-it performances. He won, by the way, which was somewhat of a let-down for my dad because he was betting on the other girl. =P

The open-age category was disgusting though. Orchestration was utter rubbish and the arrangments were horrrendous. They played even worse than those from the junior category. We were all glad when that segment was over. Couldn't stop laughing at this one girl who pronounced Beethoven's name as "Beh-Do-Fen". O_o 

We're evil. =)

Claris won an award as well, "Best Entertainer". Not bad ey? 

Went for Japanese buffet after that. I didn't quite like it though, because they didn't have California Rolls just the normal (and cheap) selection of sushi. The beef was good though, and the salad as well.

Wokay... I've now completely lost my blogging vibe. Will update once I gather my thoughts.

Till then, toodles!

Thursday, 2 July 2009


Watched "Last House On The Left" in Sunway Piramid yesterday, thanks to Fiona. We thought it was a horror movie at first, given it's title, but it just turned out to be one of those really sick movies with people who enjoy watching others suffer.

Arina and I agreed that we'd much rather have watched "17 Again". Yes, I would prefer Zac Efron prancing about with that pretty-boy smile (that I can't stand) in comparison to blood splattered across the screen.

It wasn't all that gloomy the whole day though... Prior to Sunway, we were in Sri Aman to visit our teachers. I hadn't been back there for nearly 2 years, and since I'd be leaving for Singapore soon, I figured I'd just pay the school a visit. I'm surprised the teachers remembered me. Hehe.

Puan Yap said she recognised me, but couldn't pin-point my name or what she knew me for. I just had to mention "orchestra" then she was like "YEAH! The orchestra girl!"

Yes, the ONLY thing I was known for back in high school was being the leader for the orchestra for 2 years. I kept a pretty low profile back then. =)

We talked the most with Pn Christina. She's still the same. Her desk, is still as messy as ever. Poor woman, she's always dragged into one function or another, and it's only towards the end of the year when she finally (as she puts it) "gets her life back". She's involved with Cheer now too, as well as drama and stuff. I miss her classes, really.

Anyways, after going around the whole school, greeting old teachers and juniors, we headed to the Sunway club to park (since Fee's mom doesn't let her park into parking lots) then took the shuttle bus to Piramid.

Bought movie tickets (to a movie I REALLY didn't wanna watch) then went for drinks and cake in Starbucks. Talked and cam-whored a bit, then headed to the cinema.

Towards the end of the movie, I sought escape in my Walkman phone, drowning myself in Brian's voice and played Sudoku up till Fee accidently nudged me and I caught a glimpse of a man's head being laid inside a microwave and JUST barely managed to avoid watching the part where his head exploded. (Fee and Arina filled me in after we walked out) =P

I was never one for horror/thriller movies. Give me romance/comedy/adventure/cartoon anyday (I wanted to watch "Dance Subaru"!!!). I don't, and never will, appreciate gory shows/movies.

Just read my sister's blog, and realised that she makes a habit out of imagining what I'd say in whatever circumstance she's in. O_o

And it's back to more practice...