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Monday, 15 June 2009

Wee Blog Post

I should really get cracking on my checklist, as my mom constantly reminds me, but it just so happens that I am an insanely, unrealistically lazy procrastinator, I've only JUST written down (vaguely) what I need to buy/pack before I leave less than 4 weeks from now.

Note: Only WRITTEN down. 

Knowing me, I'd probably only start REALLY packing 2 weeks before I leave, and finally FINISH the night before I leave, and spend 3 hours before putting everything into the car running around the house like a crazy idiot, panicking as if my nose is on the verge of falling off.


I thank the stars that most of what I need, I alr
eady have but... there's still quite an amount left for me to do/buy.

Check THIS out!

I THINK she was talking about Dylan. =P 

AND this as well. Additional info HERE.

For those who can't see the details:

Theme: Masquerade Formal
Location: Heritage Mansion
Date: 4 July 2009
Time: 6.30 for registration and 7.00 for party till late night.
Price per ticket: RM80


Lina26435 said...

hahaha...urm...even though you'll only be a Causeway away, you better start packing...NOW. No joke. Even if you're all packed and ready, there will be a thing or 2 that you'll need at the very 11th hour. no joke. documents, music stand, metronome, manuscript paper, floss, aspirin.. XD...

more or less 3 weeks away..exciting,no? =)

Clarissa said...

heehee. I'm very much looking forward to it! Make sure you get your butt down here before I leave yea!

I've written down pretty much all I can think of.. Now I just need a suitcase the size of Mighty Joe Young to fit in everything. =P

Lina26435 said...

yeshh...yeshh..since Lou's anime is under lock and key...what would you like me to bring IF i have any that you want?

House? CSI? movies? korean? japanese?

since coming home, dloading hasn't been as fast as I want it to be. -_-"

lemme know =D

Clarissa said...

Any nice Shinhwa/DBSK/SuJu/JunJin/HyeSung/YunHo related stuff =P

Komawo! =D

Internet speed here's a b*tch. XD