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Friday, 26 June 2009

Slipping Kneecap??

My knee's starting to hurt again... It's happened a few times already, only I panicked today because I felt it (my kneecap) slipping while I was walking back home from Claris. O_o

Imagine if it DID slip then and I had to hop the remainder of the way home.

That would have been a really idiotic sight.

Not to mention painful. 

It's always my left knee that hurts. Always the left kneecap that dislocates. Mom reckons I should get it checked. Dad, as usual, thinks it's nothing serious. My sis, who thinks herself a miracle worker of some sort, say her suggestions are all I need (just because the one time she suggested I bang my knees together and it actually DID stop hurting after that). O_o

Anyways, my sis'd be wanting to use the comp to blog or whatever nonsense it is that she does. =)

LOVEEEE Brian Joo =D

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