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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Picture This

A picture paints a thousand words,
Thoughts were given more than was worth

Of rocks and birds, waterfalls and greenery,
What should have been painted was purgatory

A squirrel leaps past, its movement swift,
But the eagle is swifter and gives it a lift

Gullible squirrel agreed without knowing,
The eagle did not intend it remain living

However, smart the squirrel was,
It escaped from the eagle's claws

All that said and nothing done,
My only regret is revenge, I have none

Often in dreams I have dreamt of it though,
Of plummeling thou til nothing left but dough

In other dreams I am the devil in rage,
Stopping at nothing til thou in thy grave

Thou hast screamed when I drew mine scythe,
I said "shut up, or I'll end thy life"

Nine stanzas of my hate I have writ,
represents Nine times of which my anger was lit

If thou hath Nine lives, thou would not survive,
But thou art not a cat, thus one strike will suffice

Finally, I'm posting this up. Supposed to do it months ago but obviously, I haven't got around doing it till now. I just finished 2 gruelling hours of Law-related mugging, so I feeling pretty vengeful towards the subject at the moment. =)

Though of course, that's not what/who I was thinking when I wrote the (albeit childish and amateur) poem. XD

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