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Monday, 8 June 2009

I'm Back

I hate the end of camps. It starts off so nicely, with everyone looking forward to spending time together and laughing away at the weirdest things in existance; but yet, as fate would have it, time flies by so fast that the past week barely felt like 2 days.

Ordinarily, I would be typing out an insanely long post describing in detail what I was up to during camp (and exams in-between), but since I hardly slept 3 hours last night/this morning, I do not feel like dwelling into my memory banks cause quite frankly speaking, I might get them all mudled up.

Perhaps one would wonder why I hardly slept at all. Well, for one thing, we were all hyped up that camp was ending soon so we decided that we weren't going to sleep- because the rehearsal today started only at 6pm, so we could sleep in. =) 

In the end, we got tired out trying to keep ourselves entertained, so we eventually got a "sleeping=plan" worked out and tucked into Jia Rong's blankets at around 5am. It was Jebat and Lu Ee on the floor, David on the couch, Andrew on the chair, Kah Yan, Amelia, James and I on the bed. It would have been fine... only that I'm a light sleeper so I need absolute silence or I won't fall asleep.

David swore in his sleep, which woke me up.

James fidgets in his sleep, which also woke me up.

Jebat woke up in the middle of the night, which too, woke me up.

I was in an excruciatingly uncomfortable position the whole night, so that kept me awake.

I pity James though, the poor guy was literally falling of the bed, and he didn't have enough blanket to cover him. (Kah Yan was hogging the most of it, I think) It might have been my hallucination, but I think he was shivering at one point.

Which also woke me up.


Oh,  then it was followed by err... someone (I don't reveal names incase the person(s) concerned don't remember it) clutching my shoulders a number of times, and Amelia waking up.

Seriously, I woke up so many times that I eventually gave up trying to fall asleep and watched the sunrise, whilst worrying that I wouldn't have enough energy for tonight's concert. O_o

Anyways, my worries didn't amount to much. We had lunch, which perked me up a little, hung around until it was time to leave for KLCC, then had dinner at Chilli's. The drink may have helped a little, so I managed to stay focussed during the one-and-a-half hour Tutti session from 6-7.30pm, plus have enough adrenalin reserved for the last movement of Beethoven's 5th.

You know, time flew by so fast that I don't even remember playing the Faure, nor the Kodaly tonight. I think I'm just too tired. I need my sleep.

Tribal outing tomorrow- picnic. I want to bring something... But what??

Pictures taken during camp will be up soon.

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